Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insurance companies

seeing as I have two kids under two we decided another kid any time soon would put both of us in the loony bin. SO I talked to my dr about birth control options that would be best for me. We are not sure we are done with two kiddos but we are definitely done until they are a little older.

So we decided that an IUD was the best bet for what we are looking for. I called my insurance company to make sure it was covered since the dr told us that not all insurance companies cover it. Interestingly my insurance from school does not cover contraceptive. I am also on Mike;s insurance so I never paid attention to which insurance was paying for birth control before. Personally I think our insurance is insane since schools employ 90% women and they don't cover birth control??? Isn't paying for birth control cheaper than paying fora baby to be born, maternity leaves, etc?

so apparently I work in the dumbest district around.

The good news i that Mike' insurance covers it 100% - although someone mentioned to me that I should have also asked if they covered removal because apparently their friend had to pay for the removal of the device even though insurance paid to have it inserted - another random anomaly of insurance companies. We will pay for you to have ti put in but when it expires in 5 years you have to pay to get it out - although if you don't get it out it could cause some major complications - things that make you go hmmmmm

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