Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where are the authority figures

I drive by the high school everyday when I drop Owen off at the sitters in the morning. I find it interesting that by the time school starts and I am driving back home I always see several students walking away from the school into town. So obviously this is a problem. I am assuming these are kids that live somewhere along one of the bus routes, take the bus to school, meet up with friends, and then leave the building.

So here is what I want to know - why do we not have some sort of authority figure outside the school directing these kids back in or a police officer writing truancy tickets? We live in an area that lots of kids have to ride the bus in order to get to school. We are in suburbs but there are lots of lakes and it is a pretty big area that the high school district covers.

Before I was on maternity leave I would see these kids walking back to school just before 3pm - I am assuming to get back on the school bus to go home.

I am just wondering why the district is not more concerned about this - my kids will go to this school someday and i would like to believe if I see them get on the bus that they are at school and not doing who knows what somewhere else.

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