Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My accident prone son

Owen is very accident prone. Last night I went outside to put the infant car seat base in Mike's car, we have just been using my car but we had some things that needed to go over to church and we needed his bigger vehicle to do it.

As I am coming back in the house i see Owen at the top of the stairs running and falling straight into the corner of the wall next to the fridge. I run upstairs as Mike is trying to get to him too - But Mike is holding logan and can't quite get him. Owen is crying pretty hard and he has a pretty bad gash above his left eye all the way up his forehead.

We run around really quickly trying to grab thing we need and rush off to the emergency room - which by the way is incredibly far when we have an injured child . We both decided if we ever move again it is going to be closer to a hospital.

So after a wait with a 3 weeks old and a crying toddler whose head is bleeding - where I am thinking PLEASE get us out of this waiting room where 90% of the people are sick with the flu. Like I need my 3 week old to be around those germs.

They call us back and of course they put us in the same room we were in when he broke his femur - oh the memories. He was very good and only screamed after they strapped him to the papoose and actually started working on his head. They numbed his forehead and then glued it back together. SO yeah for no stitches. I really really hope it doesn't scar because it is going to be one ugly scar

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