Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not the carseat!

So Logan was not sleeping real well at 5:30 am and I was definitely not ready to get out of bed for the day. We have the snap n swing where the car seat snaps into the swing - normally an awesome feature that i love. So I put Logan in the carseat and set him to swing where he sleeps for another 3hours. When he wakes up I realize that not only is he totally soaked so is the car seat. UGH

So I scream down to Mike to help me. I strip down Logan who is covered in pee and poop. Strip down the car seat, bathe Logan, throw the seat cover and straps into the wash. Of course all of these pieces can be washed but they all require to be air dried - no chance in having the sun soak up the wetness since it is supposed to snow today.

To make things even better we are supposed to go to a birthday party this afternoon and Owen is sick. He started hacking up a lung last night and it is worse today. Plus now he is also dripping snot everywhere. So I was planning on going with just Logan since the mom is one of my BFF's and we rarely get to see them because we moved away from where they live. Plus she called me yesterday upset because lots of people called to say they weren't coming because of the snow - LET me add that it has not even started to snow yet - I still see grass outside and clear skies.

So I currently do not have an infant carseat, i have a convertible that i need to resize and install before i can go anywhere

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