Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not sure where he found that

Since Owen split open his forhead we have been trying to make sure it doesn't scar. It is healing nicely and we have been putting miderma on it three times a day. He is getting used to the routine and gets mad when I forget or haven't done it yet.

This morning I got him dressed and said okay we need to go put the miderma on your head, but just as I said that Logan started crying and needed to eat. So i changed Logan's diaper and headed to my comfy chair. Owen was apparently trying to help out mommy get everything done before we needed to head out the door. So he went into the bathroom and reappeared with a tube very similar in shape to the miderma tube but unfortunately it was preparation H. He got really mad at me when i refused to put it on his forhead so I had to hide it under the baby blanket that was on my lap when he wasn't looking.

The miderma was in the drawer at his level were it always is so I am not sure where or why he grabbed the preparation H from. Oh well - I was a little tempted to put some preparation H on his head just so he would stop screaming but that wouldn't have been very nice of me

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