Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PB&J minus the PB and bread

I gave Owen a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner last night since we were in a hurry to eat. so I put a bib on him and give him the sandwich cut into four. I go about making dinner for the rest of us and cleaning up the kitchen. As I look over to him he is covered in peanut butter. He has peeling the bread apart and is busy licking the jelly off of each sandwich.

The funny part is that I NEVER buy jelly because neither Mike nor I like jelly - we just eat peanut butter. But Owen's sitter said that he really like the pb&j sandwich when she made it for him a few weeks ago. So Owen likes jelly but not the bread or peanut butter - not sure how to feed a child just jelly. silly boy

Then he hid the rest of the sandwich pieces next to him in the highchair - apparently mommy will never find them there. At least he didn't feed them to the dog this time. The highchair got a good scrub down along with Owen

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