Sunday, March 8, 2009

the real purpose of crib bumpers

I have decided after the past several weeks with our new baby that the true purpose for crib bumpers has nothing to do with the safety between the bars factor. No the real purpose for the crib bumper is to keep the spit up in the crib when the baby projectile spits up all over the crib - Although this morning some did manage to get on the carpeting too. But the amount that would have been all over the room was drastically diminished by the bumper. Of course i have washed the bumper more times since Logan came home from the hospital than I did in the first year of Owen's life.

Of course in the process of getting the sheets off and putting the new ones back on I had to take the mattress out of the crib. In n attempt to put the mattress in the crib I almost took the ceiling fan out . It did make a very loud noise when I hit it. Then I went to clean up the carpeting. I got out the resolve and a roll of paper towels. I left them there and finished getting ready for church. When I went to change Logan diaper my big boy helper followed me and got very angry when I wouldn't let him play with the Resolve.

Owen "Mine MIne Mine Mine"
Me " No dangerous, yucky, eeeewwww"
Owen "MINE" proceeds to cry at the top of his lungs

Me" want to help me change the baby"
Owen - back to normal "yes"

oh well at least he is easily distracted

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