Friday, March 13, 2009

Really that was too hard?? really?

So i got a new glider for the nursery since the other one is horribly uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. I LOVE MY NEW GLIDER - I have actually fallen asleep in it. but that is besides the point
the point is the old glider.

it needs to go - we decided to donate it to our church nursery since the ones there shouldn't even be sat in with how bad of shape they are in - seriously the seats are falling through them. So last weekend we loaded up the back fo the explorer and Mike was supposed to take them to church. He had to work the sound booth at church sunday mornign so a great time to take them and unload them when the church wasn't totally packed. Well apparently that was too difficult. It was raining - but he could have pulled right up to the building to unload them. Of course he also did not take in the two casserole dishes that belong to another church member who brought us a meal after Logan was born. I am pretty sure the dishes wouldn't have gotten damaged from the rain

I tried not to get annoyed because he said he would do it on Monday night - well Owen got hurt Monday night so we did not end up heading over to the church.

So that brings me to today - When he asks me if I would like to take his car today so I can unload it at church - really - hmmm- you want me to do that with two kids under 2 ?? I wanted to smack him. so here is why we need the car unloaded ASAP. I have to take my sister and her boy to the airport at 5am tomorrow. Then I have a baby shower to go to and I promised to help bring the gifts back to her house with my large vehicle.

I am a little annoyed right now - because he couldn't handle one thing that I had been asking him to do for a month

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