Thursday, March 19, 2009

to buy sell or stay

I know it is a horrible time to sell a house - we love our house don't get me wrong but we found our dream house - of course the location is only great for us not for most people so it is going into foreclosure - It is RIGHT by the train station but since Mike commutes by train it kinda makes sense for us. It is gorgeous. three finished levels, bigger rooms, fireplace. I would totally miss my hot tub - boo - but it is a really nice house - although i wonder if I would be able to sleep through the trains - I have lived by trains before in my life and it is not like we are that far now but this is by a train station and not just any station - the station that is the end of the line and the train yard - luckily the train yard is in the opposite direction of where the house is.

So we are debating putting our house on the market - although if we don't get this house then i don't really want to move but we can't put and offer in until we have an offer on ours and guaranteed funds - it is a huge gamble - after all we could end up selling our current home and regretting it.

We need the equity in our current home in order to afford the new one - otherwise i would think about renting ours and buying the new one

No longer sure what to do but excited about a new adventure

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