Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sears portraits makes me mad

So Mike can't get over the fact that we have a membership to Sears - Okay it is the sears portrait club thing where you get one free 8x10 each visit as well as BOGO on weekdays - I always go on weekdays. Today was the first time i took both boys

1. they were not ready for me at my appointment time
2. i had a cranky 2 yr old for some unknown reason
after I selected all the posed - not great ones at that due to the cranky 2 yr old
they sent it over to the register - I needed to renew my membership so I gave her the coupon for that - then she tells me I can't get my BOGO or free 8x10 because i was renewing that day - COLOR me not happy

i was not planning on spending that much - she tells me it is too late to cancel because the order is already sent - COLOR me extremely not happy

i almost walked away and I really think I should have

so I payed way too much for pics that aren't that great

I think I will try JC penny next time

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