Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take your child to work day

I hate this day with a passion. Luckily I am not teaching today due to a very nice maternity leave.

I love the idea of it but why oh why does it have to be during the school year.

School loose thousands of dollars of funding for this day - Finding is based on attendance and when half the school isn't there that adds up to a lot of money.

Teacher loose an entire day of teaching because you can't cover new material when half the class is gone. You usually cn't get your low kids caught up either because those are always the kids that are gone.

Apparently it is so the kids can use what they learned back in the classroom the next day - but come on like we have time as teachers to fit more into our already cramped curriculum, plus what about the kids that didn't get to go with their parents - oh well you can't participate in today's lesson either

I have a fantastic idea let's do it the day before school starts - the first day of school is always a waste anyway - now you would have something specific to talk about

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