Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am so excited!!

My best friends is in labor - it is her first and she has been on bed rest for the past several weeks -
I am so excited for her - our little boys are only three months apart and I can't wait to meet her little boy
I am currently obsessed with facebook waiting for an update, I tried calling her yesterday to see if she wanted to do lunch but never heard back - so I don't know when or how she went into labor or if they are inducing her due to her blood pressure.

I am praying that everything goes well and she can have a quick labor. I left her hubby a message to let me know if he needs food. There isn't much around there to eat and it is a long process to leave a laboring wife from there.

I am really hoping to go see the little guy soon . But here is the problem - I can't bring Logan because of hospital rules. Mike has class tonight so i can't go tonight. Tomorrow I have an interview in the afternoon and it is an hour away. So I won't get home with enough time to go visit her an hour in the opposite direction. I could go in the morning but the sitter probably can't take Logan because it is a preschool day and she doesn't have the car seat installed yet - i will have to check since he will start going there Monday anyway.

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