Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOL super happy mommy day to me

All things work out with the power of prayer

Today is going to be a great day I know it will and I am determined to make it a great day

First our sitter is going to take both boys this morning because she secretly set up an appointment for them to have pictures taken at the preschool together - YEAH - it is my mothers day present - she even bought them clothes to wear for it :)

because she has the boys I can go to the hospital and visit my BFF and her new little baby, YEAH! he is tiny tiny but doing well - I am taking a bag full of preemie clothes to her today because he will be needing them for awhile.

I have a second interview today for my dream job in a new city that would be great for my family. The kids would get to spend so much more time with Mike - although I think less time with me but we wouldn't be getting up at the super early hour anymore

Then I am going to dinner and a musical! I was actually supposed to go with my BFF but she decided to have her baby early so I am going to go with the boys sitter - she is more than just a sitter to us bt for purposes of writing it is just easier. She really is a friend.

How does a nursing momma do all of this - well it gets a little complicated in the details but don't worry baby is only going to miss 3 nursing sessions and not in a row - I have plenty of milk stockpiled and my pump is ready to travel

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