Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meatloaf fun

Owen woke up from an extremely long nap and was eating his 'lunch' at 4:30 as I was making dinner. I was making a meatloaf and had my hands in the meatloaf mixing it when he started yelling at me "MOMMA DIRTY MOMMA DIRTY" Apparently I am not allowed to get my hands dirty.

As I was finishing up I was washing my hands and my back was to him when he started yelling " MOMMA RINGS MOMMA RINGS RINGS HAIR RINGS HAIR" Trying to figure out what a two year old is talking about is always fun. But in this case it is my own weirdness, when I cook and need to use my hands to mix I take my rings off and fasten them to my hairband and put it back in my hair. So he was seeing my rings on top of my pony tail. Not a bad tip if you often forget where to put them or are afraid to loose them

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