Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first day


When did he get so old. I swear he was just born - I know I still have enough of the baby weight to think that.

He did pee all over the place and have to get new pants - which he promptly told me he didn't like when we got home.

He ran to his room when we got home and returned pants-less and no undies!

Definitely not a shy one he is

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The zoo in the middle of winter

Big O is fully potty trained and ready for anything life throws at him - even if he does get overly excited when places have little potties. And at the moment doesn't think it is past his bedtime. Yesterday we ventured our way to the zoo and had a great time. We have memberships to two different zoo. I know you are thinking umm why???
Because we actually go places when we have membership because we aren't thinking about how much it costs. Weird right? We have been to the zoo at least 20 times in the last 12 months. Sometimes only for an hour or two sometimes for a while day. But when the kids are being cranky and we need to leave after an hour we don't get mad or feel guilty because in our minds it didn't cost us anything to get in. After going 20 times in a year I guess the cost is minimal for those trips. By goal this year is go at least once a week during summer break. We love going in the winter & spring when a majority of the world isn't thinking Let go visit the zoo. Yesterday was winter and it was perfect zoo weather.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

life with a toddler

is never dull

really it isn't. I am ammused on a daily basis on the things he says and does. Last night Big O was having a hard time falling asleep so he ended up snuggled with us watching the olympics. I was telling my hubby a story about somehting that happened and instead of relaying the things that were inappropriate for little ears I said expletives. Now our two year old is going around saying expletives, expletives, expletives. oh well better than an actual swear I guess

Friday, February 19, 2010

tree pose

So hubby and I decided to try some yoga to help our backs. We popped in yoga for dummies after the kids bedtime and started into the poses. We were standing in tree pose - one leg perched on teh other with hand up to the sky when we heard little feet on the stairs. I looked over after a few second to see Big O standing in Tree Pose at the bottom of the stairs. I fell over laughing so hard as he stood there still in tree pose asking "What we doing mommy?"

2yr year old trying to do yoga hilarious but maybe it will help his coordination

Thursday, February 18, 2010

why is the 1 yr old crying??

someone tell me because I have no idea. He climbs onto my lap to snuggle and he is all smiles then he climbs down on his own and stands wailing to which he climbs back up and is fine but then he decides he wants down and starts to wail and the process repeats itself over and over and over. Little L you are cute and I love you

BUt in other news Big O came home today and had the nanny take off his shoes. He tooks his shoes to his room and came back out with slippers on. too cute - must have been extra cuteness so I wouldn't get mad when he threw a temper tantrum about where he wanted to play 10 minutes later

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the love bugs

I have tow little love bugs that are smiley happy kids. One that breaks legs every year but the other one will probably never break a bone but scare me every second along the way.

Physically my little man has recovered from his break but I am not sure I will ever emotionally recover from all we went through in the last year or so. I wish we could go back to Nov 08 and start from there over again with or without a body cast there are things that would have changed.

There is snow here and lots of it - was hoping for a snow day today but no luck.

Two walking boys that is where I am, chasing the boys and loving them.

Loving that they can both walk, stand move, no casts, no wheelchairs, no wagons, just them on their own walking.

It was a bit weird when my almost 3 yr old and my 1 yr old were learning to walk at the same time, but it was amazing.