Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The zoo in the middle of winter

Big O is fully potty trained and ready for anything life throws at him - even if he does get overly excited when places have little potties. And at the moment doesn't think it is past his bedtime. Yesterday we ventured our way to the zoo and had a great time. We have memberships to two different zoo. I know you are thinking umm why???
Because we actually go places when we have membership because we aren't thinking about how much it costs. Weird right? We have been to the zoo at least 20 times in the last 12 months. Sometimes only for an hour or two sometimes for a while day. But when the kids are being cranky and we need to leave after an hour we don't get mad or feel guilty because in our minds it didn't cost us anything to get in. After going 20 times in a year I guess the cost is minimal for those trips. By goal this year is go at least once a week during summer break. We love going in the winter & spring when a majority of the world isn't thinking Let go visit the zoo. Yesterday was winter and it was perfect zoo weather.

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