Sunday, May 23, 2010

lets see how this goes

so well we were out shopping for a new cabinet Owen discovered some bunk beds. Then we made the misfortune of telling him that his bed was kinda like a bunk bed if it was flipped over.

The kids has a mind like a steel trap - today he starts asking me to flip his bed over. I am a push over so of course i did in all my infinite wisdom, thinking tha this tent will fit under it and there will be more room etc. What i didn't take into account was the 1 yr old trying to climb up on it. It is a ladder - how can my 1 yr old climb a ladder. I was surprised Owen could climb the ladder

ack my summer is going to be long and stressful if this 1yr doesn't stop getting into EVERYTHING

10 schools day left - who is counting with me

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