Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sick sick sick

I got the lovely flu last night
Owen got it in the middle of the night
10 loads of laundry later i think we have turned the corner

Logan already had it so that just leaves my husband who took care of us all day

my head still hurts but at least i have been able to keep some food down. Owen is currently playing with Thomas so I think he is feeling better.

Luckily our nanny came and "rescued" Logan from the sick house and took him back to her house for almost the entire day. He obviously had way more fun than we did played outside most of the day and came home after a long nap.

How am I going to keep up with the awesome things our nanny does with our kids when I am home with them all summer. I am a little paranoid that they wont have as much fun with mommy as they do with her
irrational?? maybe

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