Monday, May 17, 2010

What do you do....?

So i ended up taking a road tripto my parents alone with two kids in tow. I got halfway there and realized I realy realy had to pee. hmmm - little terrorist was sleeping and the big boy was happily siging in his carseat. great... if i didn't hav eto pee i could make it to my parents with two happy little boys.

So McD's here I come instead. I wake little terror up, get them both out of seats, - of course as I am trying to get them out I get the evil look from some lady trying to pull into the parking spot next to me. There are at least 15 open spaces but fine take the one where my car door is open it's fine, i will hurry a little faster. We rush into the mcd's and get into the restroom - handicap stall is already in use. All that is left is the little tiny, knees almost touching the door stall. So Owen, logan, and I squeeze into the stall so I can pee. Owen of course doesn't need to go -- that is of course until we sit down with all our food to eat. Now what? I can very well leave Logan in the dinig room and take Owen. So i ask him to wait hoping that it isn't the cause for new underwear. After we clean up and are ready to head to the bathroom he decides that he really doesn't have to go anyway. joy!

We made it to the party and only had a few small incidents there - like Logan (aka little terror) playing in the toliet.

i survuved but next time i may need a few extra glasses of wine

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