Friday, August 27, 2010

and so it begins

the commute to the best job ever to the longest house sale in history - okay not really it has only been 3 month but the last time i sold a house I had a full price offer in 8 hours. I know the market sucks blah blah blah blah blah.

So today was the test drive - up at 5, kids up by 5:40 - breakfast for family. Mike out door by 6, car loaded and pulling out of driveway by 6:15 - not bad except I forgot to put gas int he car - oh well we did good and the kids nor i actually had to be anywhere today - We did the drive and found the quickest way to daycare and then on to my school.

I got quite a few stares walking into a school with a baby gate. Don't worry for students are safe it was only for my children. I am the new teacher so i didn't want to come off as anti social. I baby gated my kids into my classroom while I worked and it actually worked really well minus the time that Owen knocked it over and went tumbling into the hallway.

We went for an extra special treat for lunch by going to the choo choo restaurant for lunch since the boys had to spend most of the last day of summer in my classroom. We did go out to the playground a few times

We survivied and the real commute begins next week
Wish us luck or a super fast sale on the house

Saturday, August 21, 2010

cleaning cleaning cleaning

so i got in my full out clean the house mode yesterday - not that the house was dirty because it has been on the market for 2 months but it could use some deep cleaning. i did all the floors and windows, scrubbed the kitchen table and counters. Looks much better i think - of course dear hubby didn't even notice.

we have a showing this weekend, really hoping this is the one. i really want to move - my life is going to be very incomplete until we move. everything is at a stand still until we move and that has a lot to do with the freak out.

But here is my thinking - the mortgage guy called yesterday and we r preapproved and ready to make an offer once we have an offer, the moving truck company called to give us a quote, and we have a showing all in one day - it must be a sign.

please someone come buy my beautiful house

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Welcome to my full on freak out mode. Owen asked me this morning where his nanny and her son were. Okay they haven't been here for a few weeks and not everyday since summer started. He decided that summer is over and I needed to go to work and that she should be here. I love her and am so so so so so so sad that our move is forcing us to put the kids in daycare - ack daycare I am putting my kids in daycare.

I have nothing really against daycare as a whole it is extremely necessary for a majority of the people I know. My kids have never been to daycare - they had in home care and then our absolutely fabulous nanny that was in our budget (I remind you I am a teacher and we do not bring home 3 figures).

So here is my minor issue with putting them into daycare. My boys love each other, they are best friends, they are only 21 months apart. By putting them into daycare I am not only separating them from us but also from each other. I don't think they have been apart for more than an hour or two in the 18 months since we brought Logan home.

Maybe it will only be for a year - once we move and are not an hour away from everything then maybe I can find an in home nanny again. but today i cry because my son misses his nanny and her son and because I am still not sure that I made the right decision. If I hadn't decided to take this job she would be here right now playing trains with him.

I should mention that I have known our nanny since she was 7 and I was 9 - we grew up together, lost contact after HS and eventually moved to the same area. She has been a wonderful second mother to our sons.

maybe i just need school to start so that i can occupy my mind and not think about all of it

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What did I do???

That is surely the question I am asking myself today - School starts today for my old district. the district i had worked in for 8 years, had a tenured position, enjoyed my job, and loved the people I worked with. I am not on my way to work today. I made the incredibly brave or stupid decision to take a new exciting job that is over an hour away from my new house. I feel like God led me to this new job and that I had to take it or I would always regret it. I sit here today wondering why did I do this to myself? We haven't been able to sell the house, we can't even get people to come see the house for that matter.

So very soon I start the hour drive tot he new job. Thats not all though. I get to do it with two toddlers in tow because i was so confident that we would sell the house and move that I enrolled them in daycare down at the new location.

this is going to be a very long school year