Friday, August 27, 2010

and so it begins

the commute to the best job ever to the longest house sale in history - okay not really it has only been 3 month but the last time i sold a house I had a full price offer in 8 hours. I know the market sucks blah blah blah blah blah.

So today was the test drive - up at 5, kids up by 5:40 - breakfast for family. Mike out door by 6, car loaded and pulling out of driveway by 6:15 - not bad except I forgot to put gas int he car - oh well we did good and the kids nor i actually had to be anywhere today - We did the drive and found the quickest way to daycare and then on to my school.

I got quite a few stares walking into a school with a baby gate. Don't worry for students are safe it was only for my children. I am the new teacher so i didn't want to come off as anti social. I baby gated my kids into my classroom while I worked and it actually worked really well minus the time that Owen knocked it over and went tumbling into the hallway.

We went for an extra special treat for lunch by going to the choo choo restaurant for lunch since the boys had to spend most of the last day of summer in my classroom. We did go out to the playground a few times

We survivied and the real commute begins next week
Wish us luck or a super fast sale on the house

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