Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I suck at blogging - here it goes Again - Lunches

I am becoming super mommy in the art of making school lunches. This summer was going to be my challenge to make both boys healthy, fun lunches that actually get eaten. Since I am their teacher but don't sit with them at lunch it allows me to come in at the end and see what they have actually eaten from what I have made. So far it varies from day to day what boy will eat what and some day I think I have made an awesome meal and no one eats.

My mom ordered us hot lunch every single day for our entire school careers. Easy, effective but expensive. The boys school does provide healthy organic school lunches (cool huh) but at a cost of almost $5 per lunch that adds up quickly especially if they aren't even eating most of it.

So the first thing I did was take Owen to the container store and find a few suitable lunch containers. I wanted something that had several small compartments to allow an assortment of foods. he had his favorite and I have mine - right now during the summer Logan is using the one I choose as a favorite. The colorful clip it cube is by far the best size for my toddlers. Owen likes this one better, but I think it is a bit large and bulky for him, in a year or two it will be perfect. I also bought some of the klip it containers for storage. I really like the small rectangular ones.

Let's see what tomorrow brings

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