Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The verdict of today's lunches

So I let the boys pick what they wanted for their main part of their lunch last night. Owen picked a peanut butter sandwich which I don't think he ever even looked at until I came to pick him up from lunch saw it untouched and made him take several bites even though lunch was technically over. He also ate none of his watermelon. So he did eat one oreo, trail mix, and applesauce. hmmm not as healthy as I had planned.

Logan had asked for turkey pinwheels, whole wheat flatbread, turkey, lettuce, and one slice provolone cheese. Looked so good I actually stole a slice when I dropped him off. He ate one slice and left the other 4 to sit. He did eat his watermelon, trail mix, applesauce, and one oreo. A little bit healthier than his brother. So Logan wins today's lunch award.

But that being said Logan did steal his brothers water bottle before lunch and mysteriously his in somewhere in the classroom. I can't find it - Logan hid hi own in the diaper bag soaking several pull ups and diapers. Owen was very upset and did not want to go to lunch because he couldn't find his water. I have him a small bottle of water and sent him on his way. I honestly think he didn't even lift up the top part of his lunch box to see his sandwich.

Oh well try again tomorrow - I am deciding tomorrow's menu because obviously it doesn't matter who decides to determine what will get eaten

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