Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where did the last couple of months go???

I think they just vanished. Owen is so BIG!!! i love him so much, I am back at work and it is going remtely well considering the computers don't work all the way. Owen is just starting to stretch feedings out to 4 hours -- You go little one. He is in his playpen playing or should i say eating his blanket.

Mike on the other hand is on my last nerve -- Does he know where is wedding ring is?? Because it isn't on his finger -- took yesterday off to play golf and didin't spend anytime with Owen otehr than letting him sleep in the bouncy chair in front of the movie. grrrr -- Dishes weren't done, garbage wasn't taken out etc etc etc -somedays he makes me so angry

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Owen is sleeping shhhhh - finally - well we lost power last night for over 12 hours -- grrr hopefully everything in the freezer is fine -- especially ALL of the milk i have pumped for the little guy. I would cry to lose all that milk.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

ya know i would really like for my husband to spend a little more time with his son. yesterday was a holiday and he played video games for threes hours and that was after he stayed up late playing the night before. We finally did IT last night. healing process is going well - i really wish i could control my eating better when i am home so that i can lose the wieght -- I am just bored and eating and sometime hungry.

I know how to lose the weight and what i really need to do is drink a glass of water evertime i think i am hungry. but i am lazy and don't want to put any of the work into actually losing it. I am so excited about the posibility of my new position. Scott called today to see how it went and he wanted me to let him know something when i do. He just wants to be able to fll my position - i know but i really wish he wanted to keep me at the school a little more.

Friday, June 29, 2007

so sad

I went to get my haircut today -- i was supposed to get it cut before Owen came but as we all know he came a little early. so I was going to this new place in town and i scheduled for today and took Owen with me knowing he would sleep the whole time and hopefully the hairdresser wouldn't mind. Well she did a wonderful job and was really sweet but in talking to her i found out that she had a stillbirth in March -- I felt so bad for bringing Owen in at that point. Having gone through a loss of my own I know how painful it can be and i was no where near that far along. She was really sweet and asked me lots of questions about him and said that they were trying again.

LORD I remember the months between our loss and concieving Owen were the hardest for me. Please give Erica the strength to carry on and i pray that your Will will be done in her life. I praise you for the things that you have given me and for the wonderful blessing of Owen. I pray that other women suffering from loss and infertility will someday know the love of a child. Amen

Thursday, June 28, 2007

ramblings of the day

I have a ton of ramblings for today

first huggies diapers advertise that they ae baby shaped for comfort -- what other shapre would they be?? do something other than babies were them and i am just not aware? silly me to think that diapers wouldn't be baby shaped.

Owen's swing finally came today -- silly company snet me the snugrider instead of the snugglider -- they shouldn't name things so similar -- they both fit the snugride carseat but one is a stroller and the other a swing. He is currently swinging away wide awake but now a swack out of him

I am also annoyed that i bought Mike some new release CD's and the company didn't mail them out until they were already releases -- that annoys me because i would have gone and bought them the day they were released if i had known they wouldn't deliver them right away.

The scale is down another pound today even though i know it is impossible to lose 2 pounds in 2 days i still like seeing the lower numbers.

I need to find a missing DVD but i don't know if we lost it or if blockbuster did -- i suppose i should figure out which one it even is.

i chased down the neighbors lawn service today and got them to mow my lawn also -- yeah -- mikey doesn't have to do it anymore. They are going to mow it every other week for $50 a time -- not bad if you ask me to not have to worry about it

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Fluke??

Owen slept last night and i mena reallly slept. He got up at 2;45 to eat and then we were up at 6:30. Of course he didn't go to bed until almost 11 but i can work with this -- there is hope for sleep in the fututre!!

When school starts in the fall 6 am will be our wakeup time for Owen. He will need to be at the sitter by 6:45. So plan is to get up at 5 with Mike , get myself ready for work and packed up for the day then wake up Owen at 6 to feed, dress adn get in the car seat -- Hopefully we can do this well.

Then i think he will need about 2 bottles a day at the sitter and i should be able to pick him up by 3

okay i am over planning for a kid that is still only 7 weeks old.

Monday, June 25, 2007

new job in the future??

There is a new position open in my district and one i am really interested in -- it would mean moving buildings and packing up my classroom but it would be a better fit for me and would allow me to be home earlier in the day to play with Owen

I think if they offer me the position that i am going to take it,

Owen is doing great -- growing up to be a big boy -- he is getting ready to roll over. He can get his whole body moving to the side but doesn't quite get over. it is so much fun to watch him though. I never new that being a mom would bring so much love into my life. I love him so much -- He is going to grow up way too fast and become a big boy -- I am going to miss this snuggly time with him

Friday, June 22, 2007

6 weeks of mommyhood

I am sittng here wth a 6 week old laying on my chest hoping that he will fall alseep soon. I have been a mom for 6 weeks after Owen appeared into this world a month early. He is a very sweet baby and i love him so much. I praise God for bringing him into our lives healthy.