Thursday, July 19, 2007

Owen is sleeping shhhhh - finally - well we lost power last night for over 12 hours -- grrr hopefully everything in the freezer is fine -- especially ALL of the milk i have pumped for the little guy. I would cry to lose all that milk.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

ya know i would really like for my husband to spend a little more time with his son. yesterday was a holiday and he played video games for threes hours and that was after he stayed up late playing the night before. We finally did IT last night. healing process is going well - i really wish i could control my eating better when i am home so that i can lose the wieght -- I am just bored and eating and sometime hungry.

I know how to lose the weight and what i really need to do is drink a glass of water evertime i think i am hungry. but i am lazy and don't want to put any of the work into actually losing it. I am so excited about the posibility of my new position. Scott called today to see how it went and he wanted me to let him know something when i do. He just wants to be able to fll my position - i know but i really wish he wanted to keep me at the school a little more.