Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Want to take a toddler to the DMV?

Think again -
wow that was fun
The lines was out the door when i got there - yikes

luckily I brought goldfish with me
an hour and a half later we left with a new drivers license
You see my license expires in less than a month - and I am very pregnant - With my luck I would go into labor and not have a new license and then I would be trying to take a newborn and a toddler to the DMV.

He was VERY well behaved considering he was confined to his stroller for an hour and a half.

unfortunately the day only got better from there -

this isn't the place where i want to go into what happened during the afternoon but know if I am MIA for a little while there is a reason and i will be back, hopefully with stories of two little boys driving their momma nuts

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I feel fantastic! We went to bed early - being exhausted from the many days of travel and Christmases Mike got up and left ofr work at 5 like normal. The next things I knew I was waking up relaxed and fully awake - I rolled over to look at the clock and it was 7:30!!!! Oh my - after looking in Owen's room to make sure he was still there and breathing I got up and logged onto the computer.
He woke up shortly later and is in a fabulous mood. We have a few things on our to do list this morning after we change out of our pj's, but no hurry

I do attribute the sleeping in to the fact that he never napped yesterday. My mom claims that I never napped after 18 months. I don't care if he isn't sleeping he did stay in his bed for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon talking to his stuffed dinosaur.

I have less than 9 more weeks to go before the new baby comes!! yesterday I got out the newborn and preemie clothes (hopefully we won't need the preemie ones). I got the car seat out and ready - I need to install the bases of the car seats into the cars on a warm day.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas is over - I am not sure how many miles we put on the car in the last week but it was a lot. Owen and I got to sleep in today and relax, we feel a little bad for Mike who had to go to work nice and early.

The last two day we had festivities of over 30 people each. YIKES we have big families and growing.

Owen is doing much better since getting his cast off but it is still a slow process. He is not yet walking, he does real well crawling around though.

Today's mission is to clean up the house, do the dishes and organize more Christmas presents. Owen got a few duplicates - some from target which i HATE targets return policy, since none of them have gift receipts I am not sure what to do with them - hmmmm. I will probably just re-gift them.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who was that toy for?

I don't think Owen needed or wanted it - or is even allowed to play with it. Owen got the central station geotrax for Christmas. Mike (and Owen) set it up to play last night. Okay Mike set it up telling Owen not to touch it. Owen aka Godizzila I don't think he ever really got to play with the toy but did spend some quality time with Dada while Dada played with it last night. I went upstairs to get some peace and quiet while the two boys watched the train go around and around the tracks. As Owen tried to take the train off and throw it across the room.

In other exciting news Owen slept the entire night in the big boy bed!!! Yeah - of course he woke up at his usual early hour of 6 when we wanted to sleep in. Mike climbed in bed with him and promptly fell asleep so Owen crawled out of bed and climbed into Mikes space in our bed. So I turned on cartoons for a little while then got up and made us breakfast. Mike is still sleeping in the big boy bed. :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

GPS + 2yr old == CHAOS

I am very excited about my new Tomtom GPS system I got for christmas. It was something I really wanted and needed. Owen however is not that excited about it, in fact i don't think he like it bossing him around
So it goes like this
GPS "In 400 feet turn right"

Owen at the top of his lungs "NOOOOOOO!"
GPS" Turn Right"
Owen "NO"

So every time my gps tells me where to go my son decided to tell it no. It was amusing the first 5 maybe 6 times but now it is getting a little old. I still love my new toy and hopefully Owen will get tired of telling it no

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I love my husband

I really do. He had to work today so Owen and I are driving to his parents house and he will meet us there via the train. I had everything lined up in the hallway to pack into the car. Mike went out and snow blowed yesterday and I asked him if he had cleaned off my car since I hadn't gone anywhere since it snowed another 6 inches. He had not and said it was supposed to rain. ugh. So this morning I fully expected to have to get myself, Owen, the dog, pack, warm the car, clean it off, etc in order to go. But I looked over to see what was all there and there was nothing :) He must have loaded the car for me this morning!!!!
Yeah i am so excited over the little things.

I still have a ton to do before we go but it really helped out this pregnant lady alot having the car loaded - of course i am wondering how it is loaded because i do still have to get the dog into the car to take her to the kennel.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

okay I lied

I do have a car - Mike must have gotten the truck started this morning and I just never checked outside. Oh well i retook Owen's temp before I called the dr and it is down to 98 - so if i had gone i would once again have been the crazy momma who keeps bringing in her perfectly well child.

oh well -

He has been busy pushing around his hippo push toy and wore himself out. He fell asleep curled up on my arm on the couch so I just deposited him into his big boy bed for a nap. Now I should go do the laundry and start packing for Christmas.

fever fever go away

So Mike's car didn't start yesterday, he didn't bother fixing it last night or even looking at it. I get that it was cold but now we are once again stuck at home.

It is not like we haven't been stuck at home for the last 7 weeks or anything. But here is the thing. Owen has been running a fever since Saturday and this morning it is 102 again. I would really like to take him to the Dr but i don't have a car and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Plus even if I didn't take him to the Dr I am all out of Tylenol. We ran out last night. I am also getting pretty close to running out of milk.

So here I am once again stuck at home with a sick child. I am exhausted because he got up all night and called for momma each time. He didn't really need or want anything. I think tonight I am going to suggest ear plugs for everyone during the night. He needs to learn to sleep on his own again.

I have not put him in the big boy bed at night because he isn't even sleeping in the crib so I think it would be counter productive - but it probably wouldn't make things any worse so maybe the big boy bed gets use tonight.

Monday, December 22, 2008


That's how my day was. Owen was mr cranky pants all day until daddy walked into the house. Then we pretended we were happy. Of course now we are crabtastic again. His fever seems to be gone but I think between being sore from getting the cast off and teething he is still not extremely happy. I on the other hand need a nap after today. I think he may have napped for a total of an hour today. I was not allowed to be anywhere away from him without screaming. He also screamed for a good hour before Mike got home with me right there trying everything to help him. The Tylenol must have kicked in the minute he walked in the door

Owen minus cast

My Element Rules!

So I drive an element - It is fairly new and I love it. This morning is quite cold. Mike went to leave for work, luckily for me I am on winter break. He comes back in the house to inform me that the explorer is dead. He tried calling a few friends from the train but it appears everyone else is smart enough not to go to work today. So he took my element, which started up right away. I find it a little amusing the the V6 explorer did not start but my little v4 did. Oh well - Owen and I are stuck at home now. that's fine because Owen is still not feeling great. We stayed in bed as long as possible this morning watching cartoons.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

When do we get to catch a break

So Owen has been out of his cast since friday morning. Obviously friday was a wash getting used to being able to move again. Saturday we woke up with a low grade fever but I thought it was just cause he had worked himself up into a frenzy. So the bad parents we are took him shopping all day - remember we haven't left the house in 7 weeks and christmas is only a few days away. We had a late lunch and that is when i realized he wasn't feeling well at all. He was feeling quite warm and trying to sleep on my hand in the high chair. By the time we got home none of us were feeling great and Owen was running a fever of 101. He promptly fell asleep in just a onsie on the floor, then a little later on top of me. We finally just put him in the crib and we all were in bed by 8:30. I think around 11 he came and snuggled with us until 3 am. crying off and on. at some point mike went and slept on the floor of the nursery. I got him at 6:30 and gave him some Tylenol and it seems to have brought his fever down a bit.

He really needs a bath, between sweating up a storm last night and i am pretty sure he peed through his diaper. Mike climbed back into bed so when he gets up we will bath the child. He is on the floor drinking pedialyte right now. I need to remember to buy another container of it for next time.

We are supposed to go up to my parents today for my moms birthday, but we will play it by ear and see what happens.

Poor little guy gets sick the minute he gets out of the cast, the weird thing is that all of us have it at the same time - weird that never happens. I can't even figure out where we would have gotten it form that we all caught it at the same time. Especially since we haven't left the house in awhile.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Free at Last!!

We left extremely early for the dr this morning and made good time despite the foot on snow on the ground since last night. We got there early for the appointment and they were able to see us immediately since everyone else cancelled their appointments. she said the only people that seemed to be making the trip were people getting casts on or off.

He DID NOT like the noise of the cast saw, but did great after they removed it. The nurse and the dr said they have never seen a kid not cry hysterically after it is removed. He was happy as a clam. (until i tried to put pants on him). He let the dr move his legs and hips without crying or squirming away.

He has had a rough day since being home. He slept int he car for awhile on the way home but never got a good nap. He has tried standing but is mostly army crawling around. His hips are very stiff and the dr said it may take him a day or two to get used to the fact he can move them again. He took a shower with Mike to rinse off. He is not sitting by himself real well yet so we opted against the bath until tomorrow.

We go back in three weeks to check on the rest of the healing and his range of motion before they decide on therapy or anything beyond this point.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are going to get that darn cast removed

whether there is snow or not.

We are supposed to get a major winter storm tomorrow - Owen's appointment to get the cast off is in the morning. School is being called off already. So at least I get to go to the appointment but we do need to drive through the horrible mess of a winter storm. I am excited but unsure of what is going to happen at the same time. The nurse called to see if we want to reschedule but we really need to get that cast off. I don't think I could wait another week or even a few more days. So if we have to leave here at 6 am we will because we will get this cast off tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 days left

The cast comes off in 2 days!! less than 48 hours!!! Stinky boy gets a bath soon. YEAH - I am so excited but i have so much to do before then
I need to pack a bag with clothes that fit him - He has only been wearing sicks and a t shirt for the last month and a half.
I am not even sure we have shoes that fit him -

I need to put the car seat back into the car

I need to clean and organize his new big boy room that he was supposed to move into a month ago.

I unfortunately have been using the big boy room as gift wrapping central so all the presents and wrapping paper are everywhere in there. I think I might use the pack n play to store gifts.

Must find energy and force Owen to take a nap in order to do all of these things

CLEAN the puke already

So yesterday the dog puked on the tile floor luckily. BUT I had been trying not to puke all afternoon so needless to say the minute the dog started puking so did I. Of course Mike need to clean up the puke from the dog. What does he do - he throws paper towel over the puke and goes back to the computer. Meanwhile Owen is trying to figure out what I am doing in the bathroom and freaking out because I am locked in the bathroom. Mike doesn't come get him or clean up the puke. I refuse to clean it up since I already puked myself out and cleaned up the bathroom and myself afterward. So for the rest of the night I try desperately not to look over in the area with the soaked paper towels as to not puke again. Seriously just clean it up in the first place. He eventually cleaned it up over an hour later. ugh so gross

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Good thing there are only 6 days left because trying to keep him from standing is so much fun

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

snow blowing while intoxicated?

I am not sure this is the best idea but i really do need my driveway and sidewalks cleared. Mike was apparently drinking on the train on the way home. He came home and decided to go out and clean up with the blower. As he was walking out the door I asked him if he was planning on wearing gloves. At which point he looked at his hands and realized that yes that was probably a good idea. I think he has been over-served and this is not the best idea - hmmmm - oh well if I hear the blower stop I will start to worry. I really don't think he had that much to drink - I think it is more the combination of lack of sleep, stress, and a beer or two.

snow day!

not - i love how the students are walking in the hallways and chanting snow day - hmm you are already at school therefore it is not a snow day and they have all day and night to clean up the snow before tomorrow - sorry no Snow day try again

Monday, December 8, 2008

BACK TO life as I know it

Yes that is right I am back to life - I finished my grad school class - not with the perfect grade I am used to but only because the instructor was a not very nice person. I did still get an A though. life goes on

Mike is extremely happy to have me back - hehe
We are all a little stressed out here but it will soon be over and life will keep going

t minus 11 days till cast off

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do you get the pee smell out of a cast?

The questions of the day --- So basically I have given up because he smells like pee - I am burning LOTS of candles and sponge bathing him as much as humanly possibly. It is definitely the cast that smells YUCK

We tried some OXY clean on the parts around the diaper and tried to dry it with the hair dryer on low like they told us to do, Unfortunately my son is terrified of the hair dryer - go figure.

So 12 days to go and my house will continue to smell like pee until that cast is a thing of the past.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This class sucks!!

SERIOUSLY!! I have the WORST teacher ever - So basically I had a group project to do - We did the project and MANY MANY people asked for further clarification on the project - we basically got none and were told to read the directions - nice - EVERY group lost points on an entire sections that we apparently did not do - umm we asked for help - IF everyone get it wrong maybe the directions were not clear. This suck I HATE group project and I hate stupid professors that obviously have no idea how to be a good teacher. If every student in my classroom got something wrong then I would not pentalize their grade I would assume I was not clear or did not teach it correctly


I was trying to clean up before our friends came over last night so I am running around putting things away , cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Mike takes out the guitar and opens the laptop o start playing Christmas music. He considers this watching Owen. Owen does like music but he was in no way watching him. I come into the kitchen and look over into the living room to see my 18 month old son completely torn the diaper basket apart and playing with scissors and nail clippers. OH you didn't see him 2 feet away playing with dangerous object, my bad I thought you were watching him.

So I finish doing a million things on my list and sit down with Owen to play with him. Mike hears car doors outside and suddenly decides it is time to do something in the house. I say something about how the dog needs to be put away . He heads down the hall to open the guest room so it warms up in case the new baby wants to sleep in the pack n play. Then yells down the hallways for me to put the dog away and answer the door - umm seriously I am 7 months pregnant and JUST sat down to play with my son. I said something to the affect of I can only do one things at a time as I am trying to get off the floor - He yells back something about how he only asked me to put the dog away - seriously, I just cleaned the entire house BY MYSELF.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I am so excited - I called today to get an appointment scheduled to get my hair cut - i am really bad about making appointments and it usually is about three weeks to get a time I can go - since i have to wait for DH to get home at night or a Saturday - She actually had an appointment open tomorrow!! yeah - I really need to get it cut and my hairstylist is due a few weeks before me so I need to make sure i get it done before she goes on leave.

I had my prenatal massage yesterday and I got my haircut tomorrow - this is the most I have been out of the house besides work since Owen got hurt.

I am almost done with my grad school classes and can't wait

I have also been working hard on our family calendar for Christmas - I am almost done with it - now if I can just find a good picture of all four of us to make a Christmas Card. I am totally slacking this year. ugh

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Counting down

the count down is at 15 days until the cast comes off - who knew 7 weeks would go so fast. I barely remember what life was like before this. I am really going to have to adjust when I have a walking/ running child again.

I had to call a friend so I could go to the grocery store last night. We were completely out of food and there is really no way to take Owen to the store. Mike had his weekly guitar lesson last night so I couldn't do it after he got home

Random 8th grade moment of the day. We are making mobiles in photoshop - as we are putting them together today the lovely students start painting rubber cement all over their hands. great I am the mean teacher again because i am yelling at 8th graders for using rubber cement as skin paint.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I AM the mean teacher.

not really but apparently i was accused of it today. A student wanted out of my class because she doesn't like computers - well her mom called and said she didn't like me and both of her kids wanted out of my class. Her others child is upset because he doesn't sit by anyone he likes. umm this is school not social hour. So I basically was accused of being that horrible mean teachers and it ended up being a total mix up. The students was removed from my class and within 5 minutes another student when running to the office asking to take her spot because he really wanted in my class and there was no room.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My husband is HOT

Or at least that is what a student in my 8th grade told me today. Amusing but it was a male student. So then all the girls had to run over to the picture to see if they agreed - apparently it was agreed that Mrs. Thicksten has a hot husband.

Monday, December 1, 2008

No I am not due until March but thank you for reminding me

I keep getting that - really? Are you sure you are not due yet? question. why does everyone need to remind me I still have three months of uncomfortableness left. I have craziness going on without having a newborn right this exact second.

Mike keeps bringing up things I shouldn't be doing in order to keep this baby inside longer, but of course only when it is convenient for him. I don't like being helpless but Owen weighs so much with his cast that it is getting really heavy to carrying the poor boy around. Plus it is kinda getting hard to bend over.

i haven't had any random students lately which is very sad. I like it when they amuse me.

I have been trying to find a formal maternity dress for Mike's Christmas party. What is with the bows? Seriously do you know how hard it is to find a maternity dress without a stupid bow. Is there some hormone that the minute you get pregnant makes you want to wear bows. I think not! I did find a few really nice looking ones without bows but there were WAY out of my price range. I should have thought about this months ago and I would have made something. the hunt continues....

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I should not take online classes that require group projects because this always happens to me. I get stuck with the worst group and no one wants to make any decisions. I hate that my grade depends on how well people from different parts of the country can get along. It has been a LONG time since I took a class with a required group project, if I had known this class would require one I would have dropped it. My head was telling me to drop the class before it started and I should have listened - this class has been nothing but a headache. I am probably the worst students ever too because I always seem to hate my instructor. Something they do always annoys me maybe that is why I take online classes - it is much easier to not like someone you never have to meet. It feels like i always get the new instructors that have no idea what they are doing.

Ok done with rant - Have a nice night

We *might* make it out of the house twice in one week

I am debating taking Owen to church this morning. He loves all his little friends at church - of course if i take him I won't get to go into service since i will have to stay with him in the nursery. I am not mean enough to leave a child with a half body cast in the volunteer nursery. Mike is on sound today so he ha been there for over an hour already. So I have a half hour to get ready and go. I think i can i think I can

i haven't taken Owen out of the house by myself in over two weeks.

I have a ton of school work to do, my online class is bad, just plain bad. this class requires a group project, well apparently my group is full of morons who don't know how this whole thing works. i have been posting ideas, suggestions, parts of projects, etc and no one else seems to care this powerpoint presentation is due in 3 days!!! We have absolutely nothing accomplished. I am so annoyed.

Mike disappeared for several hours yesterday to go shopping - i thought when I sent him to the grocery store he would come home with groceries. Okay he did buy the 5 things I said we absolutely needed - but nothing else. He did buy himself a book and a dvd. He spent a majority of his time trying to find Christmas present for his parents and came home empty handed. If I had spent 3-4 hours shopping I would have all of Christmas done plus the grocery shopping.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We survived Thanksgiving

We survived. We took Owen out into the wonders of the world in his fabulous harness/carseat. I hate not having a carseat for him I am just waiting until someone sees him laying down in the back seat in his harness and calls us into the police. There is a special car set they make for the hip spica cast but our hospital does not require a car seat so therefore insurance will not pay for it.

We don't take him out much to say the least. We did have a good time at the grandparents. We ate lots of food. It was wonderful and then i got home and morning sickness took over. I know everyone is thinking wait she is almost to her third trimester morning sickness is supposed to stop, right? I am one f the lucky few that gets it the entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough not to puke at all during labor though.

I missed all the fabulous shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Mike went into work since he has taken off a lot of time lately to be with Owen. I obviously can't take cast boy out into the scary shopping world - that would just be cruelty -although it would have allowed me to park in the handicap spots. I don't have much more to buy since we decided not to exchange presents on my mom's side. YEAH!! I am very happy about this, my dad didn't think anyone else would go for it and he suggested we lower the limit and then my uncle jumped in and said no present which is exactly what we wanted. so yeah! I would rather just spend the time with family and not worry about presents. Owen will still get gifts but no one else is under the age of 25.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That's my happy little cast boy. He has been having so much fun today army crawling around the house and getting into anything he can reach. he loves the Christmas tree we got. It is 3 feet tall and the perfect height for a child on the floor. he is napping right now and I am trying to get some school work done but I felt the need to blog about the little boy. I missed him terribly the last two days when I had parent teacher conference until after he was in bed every night. Today and tonight is Mommy and Owen time. Mike has guitar lesson tonight - Although Owen and I might take a big adventure this afternoon and go to the store because we are almost out of toilet paper and milk - two very essential things in this home.

Mike gave me my Christmas gift last night - I am SO excited. It is a new digital camera - see the new picture. We didn't really have one - just our really big video camera and I wanted something I could throw in my purse. He got me a Nicon coolpix and it is tiny. It is also blue which I love, would have gone for pink but since I am surrounded by boys and I want them to actually use the camera blue over ruled. I suppose I can give him his gift tonight - since I got him a new case for his guitar - he had a gig bag and wanted a hard shell case. He already knows it is in the closet so he might as well use it. We can never seem to wait until Christmas - oh well this year we didn't even make it till Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am taking a stupid class that is driving me nutso because the teacher can not even read his own syllabus, how annoying. I am so annoyed. that is all i have because my brain hurts from dealing with this all day

In other news

I am once again completely insane taking on a grad school class while trying to be wife, mom, caregiver, pregnant lady, etc. usually these classes are fairly simple and I don't have much problems with them - this one is going to kill me though. I emailed the professor on Saturday night with a question - remember this is an online class so they actually do work weekends - and he still has not gotten back to me. UGH - So basically I had to contact my counselor because I can't afford to do poorly in this class because the professor won't answer my questions.

I have parent teacher conferences this week. Last night I was there till 8pm and tonight I have them until 8 pm too. Owen SHOULD have been asleep when I got home but he was in his crib laughing and playing having a grand old time. Apparently he didn't nap much yesterday for Mike either. I think Mike is glad to be back at work today. The nanny will watch him this afternoon until Mike gets home. She wasn't available yesterday.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, YEAH for good food! this pregnant lady is going to eat her share of food!

Friday, November 21, 2008

28 days to go!!

Owen went back tot he surgeon today -She scheduled the sate for him to get his cast off. I saw an xray of his leg for the first time. I never got to see any of the other ones. I can se why they are making such a big deal out of his injury. I almost cried seeing how bad the break was and this is after it has already started to heal. Both the nanny and I just starred at the image - it was incredible, poor little guy. Nanny went into the xray room with Owen since I could not :( He screamed a little when they made her take a step away to take the shot.

They added some tape to his cast and we were off. I was back at school by third hour. It took longer to drive back and forht then the actual appointment which is good. Mike will take him in to get his cast off in 4 weeks. It just happens to be the day before Christmas vacation and I am not allowed to use it as a vacation or sick day according to my contract.

we love the nanny - She is wonderful with him and we would love to keep her if we could afford it. But we are paying her twice what we paid the sitter. Don't get me wrong I loved the sitter too but there is a definite difference when he has one on one attention and gets to stay home to play with his toys and dog. I don't think I could afford to work to pay for a nanny - Although with another child coming it does make me wonder what would be better in the long run

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why is my house so clean?

Seriously it is a miracle. My house is clean, the laundry is done, and the dishes are in the dishwasher - what happened?

Oh wait I know - we hired a nanny - no our nanny is not cleaning for us. Apparently my husband is motivated to clean knowing someone else is coming into the house. So between the two of house all the chores are getting down in a timely manner and my house is CLEAN! Of course I should than my dad for coming over saturday and scrubbing my stove. He is the type of guy that needs a project to do so when he showed up he sat down for about 10 minutes and then found a project. I admit to being a messy chef and can never get it clean enough myself. An hour or so later the stove was sparkling.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Owen needs my constant attention, I have a grad school class that just started AND I totally forgot to read a book that I need to have read by tomorrow
yet I am here blogging -

Okay i really am getting to work now - I need to find out some information on teaching technology - hmm I think I might already do that, Hopefully this class won't be too hard. It is only 3 weeks so I will be done with the class before Owen is out of his cast

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that only mommy can handle everything. I really needed sleep this morning - Mike got to sleep in yesterday after having a late night out with friends - keep in mind I had not left the house since Wednesday since I can't take Owen anywhere. I took an exciting adventure to school to do work saturday morning. Woohoo

Well this morning I got up to go the bathroom when Owen woke up and talked loudly enough to make Mike go get him. Then I crawled or tried to crawl back into bed. Apparently Owen peed all over his cast and Mike needed my help. So now I am sitting ere in the living room with Owen and Mike has disappeared to the bedroom. I think he is getting ready for church which he does need to do because he is on sound today. Which means two thing he is going to be leaving all morning again and if I want to go to church I have to pack Owen up all by myself.

Also Owen was all smiles and giggles when Mike got him up this morning - since i wasn't really asleep but the minute I walk into the room his starts screaming momma and now I can barely make it to the kitchen without him freaking out. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day when I go back to work if he thinks the kitchen is far

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a reminder

I thought I would throw in a picture of my semi contented little man playing with his new toys that some wonderful teachers at my school gave him after his accident.

How much longer?

We are not even halfway through this ordeal yet and I am starting to lose it. All he wants is to be held and snuggle with me and it is almost impossible. Besides the fact that it is extremely hard for me to lift him given his weight and my gigantic pregnant belly. there is just no comfortable way for me to hold him and snuggling is impossible. I broke down in tears tonight just because I don't know how to comfort him or what to do. I miss my snuggles, I miss being able to pick him up and carry him without feeling like mission impossible. I desperately just want my toddler back. I waited for so long to see him walk and within a month of him finally learning he is stuck in the state of a 6 month old flat on his back or tummy.

I know I need to go back to work on Monday but as much of me that is going stir crazy being home the other part is going to go nuts being away from him. I love him so much and I can't imagine how hard this is going to be. It has only been a week and a half and I have no idea how I am going to survive this. My head hurts constantly - my back hurts - i really should have had that root canal months ago because now I even have a horrendous toothache - ugh

OK pity party over - I just need to relax in a nice hot tub

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A solution and i am very hopeful

We hired someone to care for Owen for the next 5 weeks. I am very excited and being positive. It is going to be hard to leave him but I know in the long run it is for the best.

So starting Monday I am back to being a full time working mommy. I am going back to work. I love my son and I feel guilty but i need to work in order to have a maternity leave for the new baby. Ok maybe i have convinced myself.

Nothing interesting happened today - very sad - this is why i can not stay home I need some interaction with people that say more then "NO" a million times a day.

"Do you want milk "

"Do you have a wet diaper?"


"Is your name Owen"


oh well at least every time i try to leave to room for a moment i get "MOMMA!"

new ways to entertain??

I need new ways to entertain Owen.

yesterday I think I bored him into crankiness - today's mission is to find new entertaining ways to keep him busy.

We have an interview with a girl tonight for a possible nanny situation - I really hope it works out because we really need someone to watch him starting on monday. I pray that Owen like her and we like her and she is wiling to take on the job.

On a side note the dog is constantly in the way and seems to be trying her hardest to make Mike upset. I know she only wants attention and she is getting ignored right now plus the icky wet weather doesn't help.

I got a message saying i needed to come into school and sing something - umm hello i was there for two hours yesterday - I am not taking Owen back out in this weather, I told my friend to forge my signature - seriously it doesn't matter at this point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Momma

I am now the poor crazy mom at the dr that always thinks her son has an ear infection
Fact - my son is super cranky. okay he is stuck in a body cast

fact I cleaned his ears last night during his sponge bath
fact today his ear was all crusty and looked like it was draining

So as a good mommy would i took him to the DR - no ear infections looks perfectly healthy minus the body cast


I did however make it to the DMV to get the handicap placard - which they almost wouldn't give us because there was one line not filled in by the dr. She did not write in diagnosis. Lucky for me I had brought my body casted boy with me and I think the DMV lady took pity on the pregnant lady with a child in a body cast and wrote it in herself but first she gave me attitude like she wasn't going to give it to me. Of course I did get the lecture about how the placard is in his name and we are not to use it without him present - yada yada yada - if i don't have a wheelchair to unload I am not planning on using it DUH.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One week down, only 5 left

5 weeks !! How am I going to survive another 5 weeks of this. My back hurts, my head hurts, the house is clean (er) , the laundry is done, dishes done - okay my house could be cleaner but we will see how motivated I get.

Lessons learned yesterday - he needs two naps no matter what - He was fine all morning and I finally put him down about 11:15 thinking he would sleep for about an hour have lunch and then take an afternoon nap - well I got busy doing stuff around the house and the next thing I know it is 2:30 and he has not woken up. So needless to say he took one long nap but by 6 pm he was ready to crash again. He was out by 7:30 but it made the evening super long with cranky child.

Today's mission to rotate toys so that he has something new to play with and doesn't get too bored. My mother in law and sister in law are visiting today but that is a story for another day. So now I have to entertain as well as take care of Owen.

I decided I am doing all of my holiday shopping online over the next week. Since I can not leave the house I might as well make good use of it. I usually have my shopping down by now - I have no idea what to give anyone, I am contemplating using my photoship skills to do creative photos for people. We are pretty much draining our savings at the moment due to this accident. ugh

Monday, November 10, 2008

My new life as a SAHM

Well at least for the meantime.

random thoughts of the day - PBS is driving me nuts - seriously i think I have seen all of the shows at least twice in the last week. Now keep in mind since my active 18 month old can not move we are watching LOTS of TV. I feel like a bad mom but if it makes him happy at this point I don't really care. Although when he naps CNN seems to be calling because i need adult noise for a little while

I have gotten the diaper change down to 10 minutes - well that if if he doesn't leak, What an improvements form 20 minutes.

We are still trying to get a car seat - apparently it may not be medically necessary according to the insurance company. UMMM I am not sure what planet they live on but a car seat is kinda necessary - so needless to say we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Owen is doing really well considering everything he has been through. He is such a happy kid and his vocabulary is expanding every day since he can't go and get the toy that he wants.

The dog is driving all of us nutso. Love her dearly but she is constantly in the way and underfoot.

Friday, November 7, 2008

life just got a little bit interesting

Well Owen fell down a few stairs at the sitters on Monday afternoon and has a sprial fracture in the femur bone

Owen had surgery and is in a full cast from foot to hip over to the other leg with a stability bar in between. It is called a hip spica cast. He has a wheelchair. He can not sit in a car seat and has this harness to strap him laying down in the seat - he is too big for an infant car bed.

We have to double diaper him between the cast. So basically the cast has a cut out around his boy parts, we have to put a size 2 diaper tucked into the cast and then put a size 4 diaper over the top of the cast

He will be in the cast for about 6 weeks. I am technically not supposed to lift him - he is currently 30+ pounds with his cast. I am 6 months pregnant nd with my history of preterm labor we don't know what we are exactly going to do.

So technically I am currently on a 6 week FMLA leave as of this afternoon. BUT as long as I give 2 days notice I can return to work at anytime. We are currently waiting for our hospital case worker to see if we qualify for nursing care. My dr and Owen's dr signed off on it now now we just need the insurance and our case worker to figure out if we will really qualify and what that will look like for the next several weeks.

Otherwise I have a few leads on a nanny type situation - One girl just finished student teaching in my district. So for a temporary position it may work out well.

Mike has finally admitted that it is not the best situation for having me be the sole caregiver with my history of preterm labor. He took Owen to the dr today by himself and had a hard time

We did get the forms for a handicapped placard - I have to go to the dmv tomorrow to get it. This will make things a little easier since i am preggo and have a child in a wheelchair plus it is about to be winter.

The only issue we are really having is that I can only take a combined 12 week leave between Owen and my maternity leave SO the sooner i go back to work the better

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am officially insane

Yes that is right I am insane. Tomorrow I go back to school as a student. I registered for two classes before the baby is born. I realized that If I finished two classes I get bumped to the next pay increase - so who couldn't use a raise in these economic times especially with a baby on the way. So I bit the bullet and signed up for classes, luckily they are online but this might infringe on my 8 pm bedtime or the fact that I am still sick with this pregnancy.

So the plan is to do a majority of the work after Owen goes to bed. I did take several classes when he was first born, but it was really easy to respond to an online message boards when he was sleeping and nursing.

So wish me luck I will try to keep up to date with the blog but if I disappear you know where I am - :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can I run over my students?

Okay not really BUT as I was leaving school today there were several boys (shocker I know) running in circles in the middle of a three way intersection. Seriously I just shook my head at them as they happily danced to the side and let the cars pass. I guess they are just happy about the 4 day weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

umm excuse me miss you look twelve?

How is it that my students think I am a middle schooler but yet the police can not be bothered to patrol the local high school

As we were driving by the high school today I notice about 30-40 kids smoking just off the school property - Where may i ask are the police - which has a station directly across the street - Seriously they look like they are twelve - I am sure there are a few that may have been 18 but seriously some police presence is that too much to ask when 1600 high schoolers start leaving the local high school

Monday, October 6, 2008

oh my

that is about all I have to say after getting this email from a friend - i hope she doesn't mind me sharing because it is so funny

"This is how I know I teach 8th grade boys.

Today in homeroom the students were asked to write three goals one for career, one for wellness and one for family. Along with those three goals they were to write 7 ways they can help themselves reach that goal.

One of my boys wrote for family that his goal was to have a wife and 2 kids.
His seven ways he can help himself get here were the following:
Be social
be social
Be social
get a girl friend
practice getting to base 1
practice base 2
practice base 3

I guess since he got to base three he didn't need to go for the home run!

Yep and he read it aloud to the class so everyone could here how he was going to practice getting a wife and 2 kids.

It's fun having 8th grade boys."

I am thinking that we shouldn't let him date our daughters

Sunday, October 5, 2008


enough least i went to sleep and didn't watch the rest of that game

Friday, October 3, 2008

To where do i send curdling milk

Okay so today is a rare exception to the normal mommy day. I usually have Owen with me by this time and am busy trying to clean the house and get dinner ready - I get to go out tonight and I had to leave before my lovely man of the house would arrive home so Owen is still at the sitters - what I noticed when I awoke this morning already (rushed because of a field trip I didn't know I was going on until yesterday) - Little boys highchair still had food and the half sippy cup full of milk that he was working on when I left him with daddy dearest last night. SO in other words my hubby left the dirty highchair with curdling milk. SO i could be the nice wife and clean up his mess so when he gets home with little boy he can feed him. BUT i think it would be a better lesson if I left it. You see dear hubby will come home later than normal having to pick little boy up and realize HE was the one to leave it a mess and he has no one to blame but himself.

He does this a lot and I think it is only fair that he sees what i have to do with the curdling milk he leaves me as presents - Think pregnant lady, weak stomach, and curdling milk - you get picture

Now I am off for a wonderful girls night

Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Longer MIA

I am been MIA but I am back with all new topics - like the 7th graders that asked me if I was pregnant or just fat - he was lucky I am pregnant

Or the wonderful 8th grader that told me today I wasn't allowed to touch his homework - hmm - that was a new one

Of course there is the overbearing mother that thinks we are sexually harassing her child by requiring her to follow the dress code. Seriously I have never seen so much cleavage on a middle schooler - There was nothing left to the imagination - I can't even believe she was comfortable wearing that shirt

There are the students that don't know their locker combos into the 7th week of school. I think it has more to do with the fact that they like to be in the hallways after the bell rings

And of course last but not least - The student in my technology class that kept saving EVERY document as Document 1 and then couldn't figure out why his work wasn't saved.


I had an 8th grader tell me today that he KNEW all of the problems I marked wrong were actually right. I was talking to him over the phone from one classroom to another so I had him come visit me as we went over the test - he just sat there saying well I never understood those problems so I just guessed - Then how may I ask did you KNOW they were right??

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best day ever!!!

Mike played hooky from work on Friday - okay he took a vacation day. We went out to breakfast after sleeping in and had a great meal at our favorite breakfast spot. Owen ate a whole pancake and sausage.

Then we headed up to the zoo. We had a great time at the zoo for about 2 hours - Since we have a zoo membership it doesn't bother us too muh to only spend the morning there. So at about 1 we headed back home. Owen and I immediately fell asleep as soon as the car started moving - good thing I wasn't driving.

We needed to go south and west to get home. I woke up and we were headed east - hmmm. I went back to sleep. Well when I woke up we were headed toward lake Michigan. Mike decided to go to a park in our old college town. We ended up on the beaches of lake Michigan. I luckily had a swim diaper for Owen but we didn't bring a camera and weren't really dressed for the beach. After about an hour we headed to Walgreen's to stock up and head back to the beach. Best tip ever - dry the baby as much as possible and sprinkle with baby powder to get rid of the sand.

We had a fabulous family day and it was perfect weather out - high 70's and a cloudless sky. Mike isn't really a warm weather fellow but he was having a great time splashing in the water with Owen.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's so hard to type when your head is in the toliet

Really i have been a slacker simply because I am spending a majority of my time either in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

It is a good thing my son still naps because i am taking full advantage of nap time in the last month. What is a girl to do when school starts in a week.

So what is going on around here - hmmm - We are playing hooky tomorrow and going to the zoo - fun fun - remind me to locate all bathrooms upon entering zoo.

Next week is my friends wedding which I am in and i hope that my dress fits - well after losing pounds to morning sickness may help my cause. I am a little sad though because i won't get to drink and party with everyone and it is an open bar - every open bar wedding i have been too has taken place when i have been preggo - it is taunting me. ugh - We had planned on waiting until after this wedding to get preggo but God laughed at our plans and here we are :)

Goal for next week- tell my boss i am preggo

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am just getting into this summer thing

It is so sad as the summer fades away and i am finally enjoying it a little. I have been so sick for most of July that I haven't enjoyed the time with my son the way I should have. Right now I am blogging form a stump in my yard as Owen plays with his new slide. He has spent the last hour climbing up it and sliding down on his belly - very cute if i do say so.

Today it has remarkable cooled off after a very short rainfall - it is now dry out and only 78 degrees compared to our normal 94. This makes mommy and baby very happy. hence us sitting outside for extended periods of time.

So today I got the official welcome back to the school year letter - the dreaded end f summer is coming. But there is good news, new teachers! Now parents may not get super excited about their child having a new teacher that they know nothing about but remember this, there is probably good reason the old teacher left. In this case I am super excited because the two teachers that were very difficult for everyone to get along with have left. This will make the entire staff happy. We also had some sad goodbyes with retirements of two very good teachers and they will be missed but we hope that the new teachers can find a place in our school.

Monday, July 28, 2008

life with owen +1

I think it is finally hitting me that owen isn't going to be the only child in this family.
YIKES!!! What were we thinking - a one year old who refuses to wlak and now we are going to have a second child. YIKES

My friend called me last night and the second thing she asked was if i was pregnant - apparently she had a dream - lol - so the secret is escaping

I am going to need to tell me boss but since i am a teacher it will have to wait till the first week of school. I am not really looking forward to this year - we have had such a nice relaxing summer - Somedays I wish I could be a stay at home mom - but i guess i should have thought about that before i got my masters degree in administration. Mike wants to be a stay at home dad as soon as i become a principal, we will see what happens in the future

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you clean a toddler?

Owen LOVES food and loves feeding himself. It has become easier to let him feed himself because he is much happier to be left to his food. But everything goes in the hair at some point of the meal.

I have tried paper towel, I have tried washcloths - I think bath is the best option

So last night I made spaghetti. Definitely a bath night - I told Mike we should video conference his mom in as Owen ate the spaghetti but he gave me the mental image of his mom trying to take pictures of the computer screen of Owen painted red so we opted not to make more chaos than already existed.

Now the biggest problem is that even though the tub gets him the cleanest after meals, it is starting to get hard to bend over the tub as a pregnant lady. Did I mention I have the worst morning sickness? Had it for 6 months with Owen too. I think i am giving up on my dream of having a little girl

Monday, July 21, 2008

No mommy!

I am so sad. Owen and Daddy went to grandma and grandpas this weekend without me. I had a ton of wedding stuff to do for my friend that is getting married in Aug and it was just easier to have them out of the house - We had art of the bacherlorette part at our house so off to visit g&g it was.

Well them came back on Sunday afternoon after being gone since Friday morning. Owen would not come to me - I picked him p and he started crying and reaching for Daddy. He did it three time before he finally came to me. At least i know him and daddy bonded this weekend - which is probably a good thing but still at least he could do is come screaming for momma the minute they get home

Thursday, July 17, 2008

no spy here

Mike loves spy shows like burn notice, alias, mi5. But he is definitely no spy. Every morning he tries to sneak out of the house without waking Owen. He is not very sneaky - not even close. First he must open three or four drawers, then his wardrobe, then the closet door, then his finds his keys, the the briefcase unzips and zips, then he tries to leave the bedroom - obviously i am awake this entire time although he seems to think I have slept through this chorus of noise.

Now personally I would have all of my clothes out the night before - briefcase and keys by the door but i guess that is the organization of a mom

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay when we first bought a house it was decided that mike would shovel if I would mow - I am good with that but at the time we had a much smaller yard. So somehow this year we got a snow blower making the snow shoveling much easier - we also had the winter that it snowed non-stop. So I think I did my fair share of snow blowing considering we hired someone to mow last summer because i had a brand new preemie at home.

So i was doing great keeping up with the lawn this summer - well i until I got pregnant. I can't mow when preggo. Mike doesn't like it and my mom freaks out that i mow when i am not so it isn't worth giving her a heart attack (she already has a bad heart)

So that brings us to today - Mike was supposed to mow this weekend - he never got to it - we had softball Monday - not sure why he didn't do it yesterday but I wasn't going to be the nagging wife. Today he has guitar lessons and a massage - probably needed after the softball game Monday.

The guy that did our lawn last year rings the doorbell and asks if I want the lawn done - more like PLEASE just let me mow it - Okay I gave in - It was worth the $50 to get it done plus they weed wack too which has only been done once this entire summer. So I wrote him a check and 40 minutes later my lawn was done -
Won't Mike be surprised when he comes home :)

I think this might have to be an expense we are just going to have to live with - maybe it will replace my target and loft shopping obsessions - beside i have no need for new clothes now until after this baby comes - although i do need a new stroller

Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh I feel like a woman

Oh yeah - I went shopping today - by myself, dressed up , looking nice - wow

My friend had her bridal shower today and i took the opportunity to shop before and after because i was childless. I am in the wedding so taking Owen with me would have been a little difficult.

SO I was dressed up, in heals, makeup, etc and went to a nice shopping district and it was nice.

Although I miss my little guy and I have been home now for over an hour and my boys are MIA. We had a softball game that got rained out that we had to makeup today but they only had 4 innings Left to play and it started at 5 and now it is almost 7 - things that make you go hmmm. I have cleaned the entire lower level and am about to clean the upper but wonder where they are because I know Owen hadn't eaten dinner yet - YIKES! I hope they just went out to eat.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Super secret blog

My husband think I am always writing in my super secret blog - He things it is a place where i trash talk him. He cracks me up - I am checking on how much a sweet guitar that he wants is and he says to me "Stop writing about me in the super secret blog of yours"

Okay it is not really super secret and I don't really trash talk him. But it is a place for me to write about the random things that happen in my life. Don't worry this will get a lot more interesting once the school year starts

Random things that happen in a middle school in any given day

boys bathroom floods and students to blame write his name on the mirror - they don't quite get the getting away with it part yet

the mouse balls are stolen from all of the mice in the computer lab - seriously stop being cheap and buy laser mice

Student calls teacher a ***** and is sent back to class within 10 minutes of being in the office.

Just some random offering to think about and I little reminder to me of what i have in store for me

Why do I watch these shows??

I swear every woman on the baby story has a c-section - It just annoys me for some reason - maybe because I hope i never have one and the more i see them the more it annoys me. You keep having the statistics about how many more women have c-sections these days and I don't really understand why - i love my dr for the fact that they are not that way. In fact the other day he was telling me about the new dr who does not help with deliveries but does assist with c sections and then in the same sentence told me i wouldn't need one of those -

Bringing home baby - where do they find some of these people - seriously annoyed with the couple where the dad will never change a diaper - or the couple that doesn't have enough money to buy a car or have a hospital birth but think they can afford a baby - seriously. Or yesterday there was one where the dad was on house arrest in a different house?? I just can't into a show like that - maybe they should be showing them to the teens on the baby borrowers. Yikes another show I should definitely not watch - I can understand turning over your preteen or teen but a baby - yikes - obviously all those moms formula feed because there is no way you take a nursing baby away from mommy for three days.

Okay end rant

great idea but..

Before Owen was born we registered for things. Things like those awesome sounding bowls that suction to the table so that the messy toddlers can not throw them across the room. Well it was a great sounding idea and I think we have four of them in different sizes. Unfortunately my son immediately pulls them off the table, highchair, or anything it is stuck too. It never sticks to the highchair - EVER - I think because of the plastic tray that pops on and off it can't get the right amount of suction. Okay i kinda get that. But this morning i stuck it to the coffee table and put some cheerios in it . The bowl is currently on the floor and the cheerios are everywhere - ugh.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is a game mommy

I have come to terms that my son would walk but it is all a game to frustrate me. He has been standing for longer periods of time though. He will 'walk' if he has a finger to hold on to. He just needs to be touching something but refuses to walk by himself. He is 14 months and i need him to walk because he is getting heavy and i don't know how far into this pregnancy I will be able to carry him. YES I know he is a preemie but still it is time to walk especially when I know he can really do it.

okay enough of that vent - pregnancy crabbiness must have taken over.

Mike had his first guitar lesson last night and lo and behold he came home wanting a new guitar - I knew this was going to happen I should have predicted it. He also wanted some big poster of the Beatles that he was scoping out on eBay. I thought he just decided we need to cut back on expenses - especially because we bought a new flat panel TV the day before we found out about little bean.

We will get to see little bean next week when I go in for my ultrasound to find out when little bean is do. Prayers always welcomed. I hate the 8 week ultrasound only because that is when we found out the first pregnancy was not going to fulfill our dreams of a child. So it is a really scary time for both of us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

news news i have news

I can't sleep right now. Mike is snoring, Owen is making lots of little noises in his sleep and the dog apparently doesn't sleep.

The reason that I can't sleep -- shhhh it is a secret - pretty sure no one in the family knows about this blog so IF YOU DO AND YOU ARE reading this no spilling of secrets, no telling anyone else and i don't want to know you know.

Owen is going to be a big brother!! So I am stuck in the first trimester exhausted all day and wide awake at night phase along with can't stand the smell of food.

I have no clue when i am due and i go in for an ultrasound next week Friday for dating and hopefully to see a nice strong heartbeat Dr is estimating Feb due date probably toward the end of the month.

Okay I am going to try to sleep again

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am exhausted!! yes I should not be on the computer right now I should be cleaning because my house is covered in dog hair from the shedding dog - I swear I just vacuumed. I managed to pick up all the toys at least so when Owen wakes up from his nap I can do the floors.

Owen has discovered the dog's food dish and for some unknown reason the dog has not been eating her breakfast which is usually gone before i am even fully awake - So Owen crawls over to his high chair and was hiding behind it - I know he is up to something so what do I find him chewing on - dog food. EEEEEWWW so gross - of course i take it away form him and he throws a fit. ugh so win situation.

Tomorrow is story time in the park - Owen's first little class - We have them twice a week for the next month- Mini madness and stories in the park. His babysitter is running the program so hopefully he does well.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!!

WOW we went to the longest parade ever yesterday. It was a good parade but it was hot and of course by the time we got to where we were going i realized Mike had left the sun shade for the stroller in the car. So we survived the parade with no sun shade for Owen - good thing I had slathered him in sunscreen before we left. So we get over to the park after the 2 hour parade and I offer to go get the sunshade so that Owen could sleep in the stroller. So Mike hands me the keys and I walk all the way back to the car and when I get to the car I realize that he has given me the wrong set of keys. Now I can not figure out why he even has the other set of keys on him but that is be side the point. So I had left Owen and Mike in the pavilion so I go back there to look for them. After searching for them for 10 minutes I finally find them near the llamas - gee why didn't I think to look there in the first place. Mike gives me the other set of keys and I go back and retrieve the sun shade for the second time. This time I go back to look for them by the llamas and they are no where to be found. I finally gave up after 10 minutes and stand next to the beer tent where they eventually find me. If you are lost I guess you should just stand in one place.

All in all we survived the hot weather of the 4th in tact - i got some sun but I don't burn. Mike mowed the lawn completely hammered after about 7 beers and probably got heat stroke but at least my lawn got mowed - long story there for another day.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Is my new favorite word

So we set up a skype account, downloaded the program onto our macbook and presto chango suddenly we can talk to grandma and grandpa online. Auntie Laura is still working out the video kinks on their end but they could see and hear us and we could see them. Owen loved talking to everyone and was very entertaining if nothing else to us.

He chatted them up - pretending to cry "walked around the table" - laptop camera are good at following movement - played with cookie monster and read a book before saying goodnight to everyone.

Next mission

-buy two copies of the same book and send one to grandma to read and one for Owen to read -

I have no idea why i didn't think of this idea sooner. Seriously it was great. Mikes parents are headed out to buy a camera and microphone too to talk to Owen. I am sure they are just as excited as my parents.

BEST PART OF ALL IT IS FREE!!!! i love free :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Night without the baby

Crazy idea I know but for only the fourth time since Owen was born we had an evening to ourselves without a child in tow. It was Mike's 30th birthday and he had no idea that i had set up a sitter and night out.

we went to a restaurant, had beverages, wings talk of sports, a real man's night considering the only thing on at the sports bar was the NBA draft. It must be love if I am willing to sit through that,

Of course getting out of the house was a difficult task as it is. 15 minutes prior to the babysitters arrival, Owen poured Apple Juice all over himself and then rolled around in dog fur. SO GROSS. So off to the bath - i put on one of mike's tshirts over my oufit since i was already dresses and ready to go and gave my son a bath. So if nothing else the sitter had a clean baby to deal with.

I highly reccomend a date night to all new parent and sometime before the 1st birthday

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where does the time go

I can't believe i haven't had a chance to blog lately.

New happenings in our life

My extended family is nuts (oh wait that is not new)

Mike is going to be 30 tomorrow!!

The bark collar works!

Apparently we have the best behaved dog at the new kennel

Owen covered himself in pizza tonight

Love my church not in love with its sound board at the moment (VBS rocks!!)

Owen loves a little girl who is 3 - She is our sitters daughter and he went nuts today when he saw her, he is going for older women already

I think girls should get to go to VBS two years longer than boys - the boys can't seem to handle it after 3rd grade.

Disabling a monitor driver is not a good idea - how do i fix it when i can't see anything??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dog

I love my dog really I do, but she is on my last nerve today. She barks at the neighbors dogs and makes Owen cry. I think Owen cries because he thinks something is wrong. Because one big dog bark very harshly at two little dogs is pretty terrifying to a one year old.

Owen and I had a great day visiting friends and going on a play date - He fell asleep on the way home and I got him into the crib without waking him. BUT the minute I let the dog outside she starts barking at the people in the next yard and wakes Owen who is now screaming at the top of his lungs because he is way over tired.

So the dog is currently hiding downstairs because I yelled at her and Owen is throwing a temper tantrum on the floor because he is overtired. I can't win.

Maybe I should invest in a shock collar - I know if sounds cruel but i can't take the barking and she doesn't listen to my yelling. I tried lowering my voice to a man octave and it working but Mike almost busted a gut when he heard me do it.

Just noticed the time and I haven't started dinner yet - ugh. leftovers it is - oh well i guess Mike will survive.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was awesome - We had a picnic in the park, went hiking in the state park, took Owen to the playground and then grilled out on our deck. It was a perfect family day. I hope everyone can enjoy a day like this once in awhile. It was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with the people that I love the most.

Hope fathers day turns out as nice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

how to make a hostess cringe

It is really easy just tell the hostess there will be 8 total and you need 3 highchairs and 4 kids menus

I think I scared the hostess away because the manager came and helped us find a table and highchairs that would work for our large group -
So we had 4 adults, a 3 yr old, twin 18 month olds, and a 13 month old - Oh the fun we had

All children we actually very well behaved and I only had food thrown at me twice ( not by Owen). The 3 yr old ate lots of pickles and the waitress was a little confused when we asked for more.

We always have a good time out with friends - I wonder how well this will go with a few more kids in tow??

We must be sleep deprieved

Because we slept through two tornado sirens last night - that is not good

there are trees everywhere - Our neighbor slept through it too there tree is split down the middle - which is really weird look and if you have ever been in a storm with downed trees you know that they don't usually split down the middle.

It is one thing for us to sleep through it but Owen did too. I think he would have even slept in but i had to wake him to drive mike to the train station at 5:45.


So we went to McD's yesterday to grab dinner on our way to volleyball. I got a happymeal for me/owen to share but I also had a banana and some cheese for him and I wanted a knife and fork to cut it up. So I ask the nice drive through man for some silverware -

he gives me a blank look

May i have a fork and knife to cut up the babies food

the nice drive through man says NO and closes the window

(on cue from the back is Owen "ut oh"

we already had all of our food and this point and i was tempted to drive away and forget about it but I was a little shocked that he told me no - so I sat in the drive through staring at the people trying to get someone to come back to the window - as they all tried to appear busy and ignore me

Finally a blond haired teenager spots me from across the resurant and comes over and opens the window
"Hey I speak English what do you need?"

"I just need a fork and a knife"

At which point the kid grabs me the silverware as he makes fun of the drive through guy for not knowing what i needed.

So in the end I got my silverware and Mike and I had a good laugh.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Mommy

We met a friend for lunch today and we got there a little early - so we headed next door to stride rite to get Owen's feet measured. She measured him at a size 3.5 or 4 - So i guess the 3's he was wearing were a little tight and the size 2 sandals he has been wearing should be put away for the next child.

So fast forward till after lunch - We went into Victoria Secret because I so need some new bras after changing sizes post pg and post nursing so I knew what I wanted but couldn't find it - ugh - I got one bra but then Owen had a MELT DOWN. Oh my he has never melted like that before - I figured he was tired but we got in the car to go home and forget about it - He screamed the whole time.

So I figured it out when we got home that he wanted his shoes off. The minute his shoes were off he was happy as a clam. He is now giggling and laughing and crawling around on the floor - go figure.

Not much going on here today

We have plans for later but there hasn't been much going on here in the last day. Owen AKA 'the flirt' has a blast when we go to visit the chiropractor. He loves the secretaries there. Well I take that back he loves any pretty girl he sees. We went to the grocery store yesterday and he was flirting with the bag girl.

The flooding around here is getting pretty bad - Luckily we will be the last house under water but our neighbors to the east are pretty well under water at this point. The park by the station is under several feet of water - it wasn't that bad the other night when we went there to swing. We drove past this morning on our way to the train station and it was definitely flooded.

Owen's new favorite trick is to crawl into the dog's area which is behind a big recliner in our house. So we have been working on ways to teach him t stay out - He doesn't like the word 'no' but it kinda amuses me when he starts crying when it is said.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little sleep needed

Oh my goodness. I can't believe i slept so much today - Of course we were up before 6 again this morning but barely. Owen and I drove Mike to the train just in time for him to make his normal train - of course we were the ones running today :)

I was so exhausted for no particular reason - I am going to blame the lawn mowing yesterday since our yard was a meadow. I put Owen down for his nap around 8:30 and went to crawl back into my own bed. I turned on the Today show just for good measure but woke back up at 10 only a few minutes before i heard my son in his crib saying UT oh.

I suggest every teacher take a nice long nap after a long school year. I feel much better today but really need to get the house in better shape. After all I am home all day. Why do I feel guilty when I am chasing around a 1yr old who apparently must have jets attached to his bottom. He is still no where near walking but he can definitely crawl and fast.

I was trying to teach him the correct way to crawl down the stairs this morning. I was on the stairs and he was at the top and i was trying to tell him to turn around and come feet first on his tummy. He decided he didn't like that idea and launched himself headfirst at me - needless to say the baby gates will remained locked at all times and we will wait a little longer before that lesson.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My husband is a commuter - he takes the train into the city and back everyday. He has 'train friends' and normally i am pretty amused with the happenings going on in the train community. That's really after all what it is a community. The same people travel on the train approximately at the same time everyday for an extended period of time, meaning over an hour.

There are times that I have to drive Mike to the train in the morning like this morning since his car broke yesterday. It always amuses me the people that run to the train everyday. I am not talking about the occasional person who is running late for some unknown reason. I am talking about the people that run late everyday and run to the train everyday - sometimes making it and sometimes not. The y come screeching into the parking lot almost taking out anything in their path, get out of their vehicles already running.

I used to drive past the station as the last express morning train left and for three weeks the same guy missed his train everyday - now because of the time in the morning there wasn't another train for over an hour.

It seems to me that the train leaves at the same time everyday and since we are at the beginning of the line it really doesn't change - in fact they give the commuter a good 10 minutes to get on the train before it leaves. So maybe I should sneak into all those peoples houses and set their alarms 10 minutes early so that they can actually make the train on time

Or if you are Mike maybe I should just not let him hit the snooze button - because I am pretty sure he is one of those people :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ut - OH

A new word has entered Owen's vocabulary. Ut oh can be heard throughout our house all day today - of course by the end of the day he started using it appropriately

throwing food to the dog utt oh

throwing things through the bady gate and down the stairway - utt oh

passing by a car accident - utt oh

Daddys car breaks down - utt oh

Seeing a car pulled over by a Police Officer - utt oh

Calling Grandma - utt oh

milk all gone - utt oh

First Day OFF

WOOHOO - of course i didn't get to sleep in - Owen doesn't know what summer is so normal wake up time applies. We are sitting here enjoying a nice leisurely morning.

We had a great weekend.Even though our yard has turned into a meadow instead of a yard. I was planning on mowing the Tuesday and it was already long at that point. Here is what happened - Mike broke his wrist awhile back and can't help with much of anything because they decided not to cast it because it took him so long to get x-rayed. so he has it in a splint and can't do anything to jar it. SO Monday nights we play softball and I managed to throw out my back. SO this week neither of us were in shape to mow. Then it turned into torrential downpour for the rest of the weekend. My neighbor is probably freaking out because he was mowed his lawn twice in the time that mine has not been mowed.

Lessons learned this weekend

don't put on lip gloss before eating - especially one that has flavor

shots of Bourbon hit me like a lead ball on - especially when followed by normal drinking

the grass is always greener 10 years later

You can never again be one of the boys after you marry one of the boys

leaving the headlights on in the car makes the battery die

trying set set up sister with guy from college great idea because her new boyfirend doesn't really exist until we have met him

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tears the last day -

Being a teacher it always amazes me the students crying the last day of school. They act like they will never see their friends again. Now all the students live within a 5 mile radius and there is no reason they shouldn't keep in contact over the summer. But as the buses are trying to pull away today here we are prying kids apart and trying to get them to head toward their bus before they miss it. The girls are crying hysterically and hugging the life out of each other. Didn't they just spend 9 months trying to get out of school and now that we want them to go home they want to stay here - weird

On the Owen front - We somehow managed to break the baby gate - I kid you not. We were stuck upstairs with the gate permanently locked. Well of course Mike is tall enough to step over the gate but I am not. SO I had to take apart the gate and buy a new one - Meantime Owen tried his very best to try and crawl headfirst down the stairwell. I think I would lose my mind if we did not have a gate installed.

i went and got the new gate this morning - started drilling holes int he wall and put up the gate - only to realize i drilled the holes in the wrong - Okay not really the wrong place but in the wrong place because of our baseboards. So there are a few extra holes in our wall - maybe Mike won't notice

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Flirt

My son is a year old and flirts better than any other male I have ever met. So here is the deal - Mr. Crabby was crying hysterically this afternoon so no apparent reason - most likely teething - of course isn't everything blamed on teething at this age? So We had to go pick up my car from the shop and the minute we get there and he see the pretty lady at the desk he starts acting like a perfect angel and flirting with her. He is batting his eyes and cooing. Of course is he very cute in my humble opinion. The point is playing with mommy is not cool enough for him, he needs to be around people that he can flirt with. So my solution for the next time he is crabby is to go shopping so he can flirt with everyone in the stores - I wonder at what age this stops being cute?

Last Day of School

Yeah! The last day of school is tomorrow and I will return to the world of blogging
Of course that is if I am not addicted to the facebook game pac rat. Mike has me completely addited at this point.

I am looking forward to summer and the zoo. we are planning on spending lots of time at the zoo this summer.

So here is the question of the day - Why do kids wear shorts that barely cover their rear and think it looks cute? - cause it doesn't. Seriously you are at school, save it for the summer

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OKAY that is it!

FAT BE GONE! I am done with the clothes not fitting right and looking like i still have a pouch in front of me. I am losing this weight and NOW! you can't make me keep it on. I am ready to be a foxy mama. I did it once and i can do it again.Here goes nothing

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seriously Mike!

So Mike stayed home today with owen. i talked to him last night about what he should eat, etc.

APPARENTLY he was only pretending to listen. he gave him cereal & bananas for breakfast, fine but not what we talked about. veggies &chicken plus some orange stuff that was in the fridge (in other words he had no idea what he fed him) for lunch, that was dinner but still not a big deal. so then i asked where the dirty bottle was


you know from his milk at lunch?


are you freaking kidding me? he did not give Owen Milk ALL DAY - i feed him at 6 before i left and when i realized he hadn't had milk it was 4pm - i immediately nursed him, but omg!!

Mike claims it is not a big deal since Owen was fine all day but the minute i got home he became a crab BECAUSE HE WANTED BOOBIE (but i didn't know that right away)