Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OKAY that is it!

FAT BE GONE! I am done with the clothes not fitting right and looking like i still have a pouch in front of me. I am losing this weight and NOW! you can't make me keep it on. I am ready to be a foxy mama. I did it once and i can do it again.Here goes nothing

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seriously Mike!

So Mike stayed home today with owen. i talked to him last night about what he should eat, etc.

APPARENTLY he was only pretending to listen. he gave him cereal & bananas for breakfast, fine but not what we talked about. veggies &chicken plus some orange stuff that was in the fridge (in other words he had no idea what he fed him) for lunch, that was dinner but still not a big deal. so then i asked where the dirty bottle was


you know from his milk at lunch?


are you freaking kidding me? he did not give Owen Milk ALL DAY - i feed him at 6 before i left and when i realized he hadn't had milk it was 4pm - i immediately nursed him, but omg!!

Mike claims it is not a big deal since Owen was fine all day but the minute i got home he became a crab BECAUSE HE WANTED BOOBIE (but i didn't know that right away)