Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am just getting into this summer thing

It is so sad as the summer fades away and i am finally enjoying it a little. I have been so sick for most of July that I haven't enjoyed the time with my son the way I should have. Right now I am blogging form a stump in my yard as Owen plays with his new slide. He has spent the last hour climbing up it and sliding down on his belly - very cute if i do say so.

Today it has remarkable cooled off after a very short rainfall - it is now dry out and only 78 degrees compared to our normal 94. This makes mommy and baby very happy. hence us sitting outside for extended periods of time.

So today I got the official welcome back to the school year letter - the dreaded end f summer is coming. But there is good news, new teachers! Now parents may not get super excited about their child having a new teacher that they know nothing about but remember this, there is probably good reason the old teacher left. In this case I am super excited because the two teachers that were very difficult for everyone to get along with have left. This will make the entire staff happy. We also had some sad goodbyes with retirements of two very good teachers and they will be missed but we hope that the new teachers can find a place in our school.

Monday, July 28, 2008

life with owen +1

I think it is finally hitting me that owen isn't going to be the only child in this family.
YIKES!!! What were we thinking - a one year old who refuses to wlak and now we are going to have a second child. YIKES

My friend called me last night and the second thing she asked was if i was pregnant - apparently she had a dream - lol - so the secret is escaping

I am going to need to tell me boss but since i am a teacher it will have to wait till the first week of school. I am not really looking forward to this year - we have had such a nice relaxing summer - Somedays I wish I could be a stay at home mom - but i guess i should have thought about that before i got my masters degree in administration. Mike wants to be a stay at home dad as soon as i become a principal, we will see what happens in the future

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you clean a toddler?

Owen LOVES food and loves feeding himself. It has become easier to let him feed himself because he is much happier to be left to his food. But everything goes in the hair at some point of the meal.

I have tried paper towel, I have tried washcloths - I think bath is the best option

So last night I made spaghetti. Definitely a bath night - I told Mike we should video conference his mom in as Owen ate the spaghetti but he gave me the mental image of his mom trying to take pictures of the computer screen of Owen painted red so we opted not to make more chaos than already existed.

Now the biggest problem is that even though the tub gets him the cleanest after meals, it is starting to get hard to bend over the tub as a pregnant lady. Did I mention I have the worst morning sickness? Had it for 6 months with Owen too. I think i am giving up on my dream of having a little girl

Monday, July 21, 2008

No mommy!

I am so sad. Owen and Daddy went to grandma and grandpas this weekend without me. I had a ton of wedding stuff to do for my friend that is getting married in Aug and it was just easier to have them out of the house - We had art of the bacherlorette part at our house so off to visit g&g it was.

Well them came back on Sunday afternoon after being gone since Friday morning. Owen would not come to me - I picked him p and he started crying and reaching for Daddy. He did it three time before he finally came to me. At least i know him and daddy bonded this weekend - which is probably a good thing but still at least he could do is come screaming for momma the minute they get home

Thursday, July 17, 2008

no spy here

Mike loves spy shows like burn notice, alias, mi5. But he is definitely no spy. Every morning he tries to sneak out of the house without waking Owen. He is not very sneaky - not even close. First he must open three or four drawers, then his wardrobe, then the closet door, then his finds his keys, the the briefcase unzips and zips, then he tries to leave the bedroom - obviously i am awake this entire time although he seems to think I have slept through this chorus of noise.

Now personally I would have all of my clothes out the night before - briefcase and keys by the door but i guess that is the organization of a mom

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay when we first bought a house it was decided that mike would shovel if I would mow - I am good with that but at the time we had a much smaller yard. So somehow this year we got a snow blower making the snow shoveling much easier - we also had the winter that it snowed non-stop. So I think I did my fair share of snow blowing considering we hired someone to mow last summer because i had a brand new preemie at home.

So i was doing great keeping up with the lawn this summer - well i until I got pregnant. I can't mow when preggo. Mike doesn't like it and my mom freaks out that i mow when i am not so it isn't worth giving her a heart attack (she already has a bad heart)

So that brings us to today - Mike was supposed to mow this weekend - he never got to it - we had softball Monday - not sure why he didn't do it yesterday but I wasn't going to be the nagging wife. Today he has guitar lessons and a massage - probably needed after the softball game Monday.

The guy that did our lawn last year rings the doorbell and asks if I want the lawn done - more like PLEASE just let me mow it - Okay I gave in - It was worth the $50 to get it done plus they weed wack too which has only been done once this entire summer. So I wrote him a check and 40 minutes later my lawn was done -
Won't Mike be surprised when he comes home :)

I think this might have to be an expense we are just going to have to live with - maybe it will replace my target and loft shopping obsessions - beside i have no need for new clothes now until after this baby comes - although i do need a new stroller

Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh I feel like a woman

Oh yeah - I went shopping today - by myself, dressed up , looking nice - wow

My friend had her bridal shower today and i took the opportunity to shop before and after because i was childless. I am in the wedding so taking Owen with me would have been a little difficult.

SO I was dressed up, in heals, makeup, etc and went to a nice shopping district and it was nice.

Although I miss my little guy and I have been home now for over an hour and my boys are MIA. We had a softball game that got rained out that we had to makeup today but they only had 4 innings Left to play and it started at 5 and now it is almost 7 - things that make you go hmmm. I have cleaned the entire lower level and am about to clean the upper but wonder where they are because I know Owen hadn't eaten dinner yet - YIKES! I hope they just went out to eat.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Super secret blog

My husband think I am always writing in my super secret blog - He things it is a place where i trash talk him. He cracks me up - I am checking on how much a sweet guitar that he wants is and he says to me "Stop writing about me in the super secret blog of yours"

Okay it is not really super secret and I don't really trash talk him. But it is a place for me to write about the random things that happen in my life. Don't worry this will get a lot more interesting once the school year starts

Random things that happen in a middle school in any given day

boys bathroom floods and students to blame write his name on the mirror - they don't quite get the getting away with it part yet

the mouse balls are stolen from all of the mice in the computer lab - seriously stop being cheap and buy laser mice

Student calls teacher a ***** and is sent back to class within 10 minutes of being in the office.

Just some random offering to think about and I little reminder to me of what i have in store for me

Why do I watch these shows??

I swear every woman on the baby story has a c-section - It just annoys me for some reason - maybe because I hope i never have one and the more i see them the more it annoys me. You keep having the statistics about how many more women have c-sections these days and I don't really understand why - i love my dr for the fact that they are not that way. In fact the other day he was telling me about the new dr who does not help with deliveries but does assist with c sections and then in the same sentence told me i wouldn't need one of those -

Bringing home baby - where do they find some of these people - seriously annoyed with the couple where the dad will never change a diaper - or the couple that doesn't have enough money to buy a car or have a hospital birth but think they can afford a baby - seriously. Or yesterday there was one where the dad was on house arrest in a different house?? I just can't into a show like that - maybe they should be showing them to the teens on the baby borrowers. Yikes another show I should definitely not watch - I can understand turning over your preteen or teen but a baby - yikes - obviously all those moms formula feed because there is no way you take a nursing baby away from mommy for three days.

Okay end rant

great idea but..

Before Owen was born we registered for things. Things like those awesome sounding bowls that suction to the table so that the messy toddlers can not throw them across the room. Well it was a great sounding idea and I think we have four of them in different sizes. Unfortunately my son immediately pulls them off the table, highchair, or anything it is stuck too. It never sticks to the highchair - EVER - I think because of the plastic tray that pops on and off it can't get the right amount of suction. Okay i kinda get that. But this morning i stuck it to the coffee table and put some cheerios in it . The bowl is currently on the floor and the cheerios are everywhere - ugh.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is a game mommy

I have come to terms that my son would walk but it is all a game to frustrate me. He has been standing for longer periods of time though. He will 'walk' if he has a finger to hold on to. He just needs to be touching something but refuses to walk by himself. He is 14 months and i need him to walk because he is getting heavy and i don't know how far into this pregnancy I will be able to carry him. YES I know he is a preemie but still it is time to walk especially when I know he can really do it.

okay enough of that vent - pregnancy crabbiness must have taken over.

Mike had his first guitar lesson last night and lo and behold he came home wanting a new guitar - I knew this was going to happen I should have predicted it. He also wanted some big poster of the Beatles that he was scoping out on eBay. I thought he just decided we need to cut back on expenses - especially because we bought a new flat panel TV the day before we found out about little bean.

We will get to see little bean next week when I go in for my ultrasound to find out when little bean is do. Prayers always welcomed. I hate the 8 week ultrasound only because that is when we found out the first pregnancy was not going to fulfill our dreams of a child. So it is a really scary time for both of us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

news news i have news

I can't sleep right now. Mike is snoring, Owen is making lots of little noises in his sleep and the dog apparently doesn't sleep.

The reason that I can't sleep -- shhhh it is a secret - pretty sure no one in the family knows about this blog so IF YOU DO AND YOU ARE reading this no spilling of secrets, no telling anyone else and i don't want to know you know.

Owen is going to be a big brother!! So I am stuck in the first trimester exhausted all day and wide awake at night phase along with can't stand the smell of food.

I have no clue when i am due and i go in for an ultrasound next week Friday for dating and hopefully to see a nice strong heartbeat Dr is estimating Feb due date probably toward the end of the month.

Okay I am going to try to sleep again

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am exhausted!! yes I should not be on the computer right now I should be cleaning because my house is covered in dog hair from the shedding dog - I swear I just vacuumed. I managed to pick up all the toys at least so when Owen wakes up from his nap I can do the floors.

Owen has discovered the dog's food dish and for some unknown reason the dog has not been eating her breakfast which is usually gone before i am even fully awake - So Owen crawls over to his high chair and was hiding behind it - I know he is up to something so what do I find him chewing on - dog food. EEEEEWWW so gross - of course i take it away form him and he throws a fit. ugh so win situation.

Tomorrow is story time in the park - Owen's first little class - We have them twice a week for the next month- Mini madness and stories in the park. His babysitter is running the program so hopefully he does well.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!!

WOW we went to the longest parade ever yesterday. It was a good parade but it was hot and of course by the time we got to where we were going i realized Mike had left the sun shade for the stroller in the car. So we survived the parade with no sun shade for Owen - good thing I had slathered him in sunscreen before we left. So we get over to the park after the 2 hour parade and I offer to go get the sunshade so that Owen could sleep in the stroller. So Mike hands me the keys and I walk all the way back to the car and when I get to the car I realize that he has given me the wrong set of keys. Now I can not figure out why he even has the other set of keys on him but that is be side the point. So I had left Owen and Mike in the pavilion so I go back there to look for them. After searching for them for 10 minutes I finally find them near the llamas - gee why didn't I think to look there in the first place. Mike gives me the other set of keys and I go back and retrieve the sun shade for the second time. This time I go back to look for them by the llamas and they are no where to be found. I finally gave up after 10 minutes and stand next to the beer tent where they eventually find me. If you are lost I guess you should just stand in one place.

All in all we survived the hot weather of the 4th in tact - i got some sun but I don't burn. Mike mowed the lawn completely hammered after about 7 beers and probably got heat stroke but at least my lawn got mowed - long story there for another day.