Sunday, November 30, 2008


I should not take online classes that require group projects because this always happens to me. I get stuck with the worst group and no one wants to make any decisions. I hate that my grade depends on how well people from different parts of the country can get along. It has been a LONG time since I took a class with a required group project, if I had known this class would require one I would have dropped it. My head was telling me to drop the class before it started and I should have listened - this class has been nothing but a headache. I am probably the worst students ever too because I always seem to hate my instructor. Something they do always annoys me maybe that is why I take online classes - it is much easier to not like someone you never have to meet. It feels like i always get the new instructors that have no idea what they are doing.

Ok done with rant - Have a nice night

We *might* make it out of the house twice in one week

I am debating taking Owen to church this morning. He loves all his little friends at church - of course if i take him I won't get to go into service since i will have to stay with him in the nursery. I am not mean enough to leave a child with a half body cast in the volunteer nursery. Mike is on sound today so he ha been there for over an hour already. So I have a half hour to get ready and go. I think i can i think I can

i haven't taken Owen out of the house by myself in over two weeks.

I have a ton of school work to do, my online class is bad, just plain bad. this class requires a group project, well apparently my group is full of morons who don't know how this whole thing works. i have been posting ideas, suggestions, parts of projects, etc and no one else seems to care this powerpoint presentation is due in 3 days!!! We have absolutely nothing accomplished. I am so annoyed.

Mike disappeared for several hours yesterday to go shopping - i thought when I sent him to the grocery store he would come home with groceries. Okay he did buy the 5 things I said we absolutely needed - but nothing else. He did buy himself a book and a dvd. He spent a majority of his time trying to find Christmas present for his parents and came home empty handed. If I had spent 3-4 hours shopping I would have all of Christmas done plus the grocery shopping.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We survived Thanksgiving

We survived. We took Owen out into the wonders of the world in his fabulous harness/carseat. I hate not having a carseat for him I am just waiting until someone sees him laying down in the back seat in his harness and calls us into the police. There is a special car set they make for the hip spica cast but our hospital does not require a car seat so therefore insurance will not pay for it.

We don't take him out much to say the least. We did have a good time at the grandparents. We ate lots of food. It was wonderful and then i got home and morning sickness took over. I know everyone is thinking wait she is almost to her third trimester morning sickness is supposed to stop, right? I am one f the lucky few that gets it the entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough not to puke at all during labor though.

I missed all the fabulous shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Mike went into work since he has taken off a lot of time lately to be with Owen. I obviously can't take cast boy out into the scary shopping world - that would just be cruelty -although it would have allowed me to park in the handicap spots. I don't have much more to buy since we decided not to exchange presents on my mom's side. YEAH!! I am very happy about this, my dad didn't think anyone else would go for it and he suggested we lower the limit and then my uncle jumped in and said no present which is exactly what we wanted. so yeah! I would rather just spend the time with family and not worry about presents. Owen will still get gifts but no one else is under the age of 25.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That's my happy little cast boy. He has been having so much fun today army crawling around the house and getting into anything he can reach. he loves the Christmas tree we got. It is 3 feet tall and the perfect height for a child on the floor. he is napping right now and I am trying to get some school work done but I felt the need to blog about the little boy. I missed him terribly the last two days when I had parent teacher conference until after he was in bed every night. Today and tonight is Mommy and Owen time. Mike has guitar lesson tonight - Although Owen and I might take a big adventure this afternoon and go to the store because we are almost out of toilet paper and milk - two very essential things in this home.

Mike gave me my Christmas gift last night - I am SO excited. It is a new digital camera - see the new picture. We didn't really have one - just our really big video camera and I wanted something I could throw in my purse. He got me a Nicon coolpix and it is tiny. It is also blue which I love, would have gone for pink but since I am surrounded by boys and I want them to actually use the camera blue over ruled. I suppose I can give him his gift tonight - since I got him a new case for his guitar - he had a gig bag and wanted a hard shell case. He already knows it is in the closet so he might as well use it. We can never seem to wait until Christmas - oh well this year we didn't even make it till Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am taking a stupid class that is driving me nutso because the teacher can not even read his own syllabus, how annoying. I am so annoyed. that is all i have because my brain hurts from dealing with this all day

In other news

I am once again completely insane taking on a grad school class while trying to be wife, mom, caregiver, pregnant lady, etc. usually these classes are fairly simple and I don't have much problems with them - this one is going to kill me though. I emailed the professor on Saturday night with a question - remember this is an online class so they actually do work weekends - and he still has not gotten back to me. UGH - So basically I had to contact my counselor because I can't afford to do poorly in this class because the professor won't answer my questions.

I have parent teacher conferences this week. Last night I was there till 8pm and tonight I have them until 8 pm too. Owen SHOULD have been asleep when I got home but he was in his crib laughing and playing having a grand old time. Apparently he didn't nap much yesterday for Mike either. I think Mike is glad to be back at work today. The nanny will watch him this afternoon until Mike gets home. She wasn't available yesterday.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, YEAH for good food! this pregnant lady is going to eat her share of food!

Friday, November 21, 2008

28 days to go!!

Owen went back tot he surgeon today -She scheduled the sate for him to get his cast off. I saw an xray of his leg for the first time. I never got to see any of the other ones. I can se why they are making such a big deal out of his injury. I almost cried seeing how bad the break was and this is after it has already started to heal. Both the nanny and I just starred at the image - it was incredible, poor little guy. Nanny went into the xray room with Owen since I could not :( He screamed a little when they made her take a step away to take the shot.

They added some tape to his cast and we were off. I was back at school by third hour. It took longer to drive back and forht then the actual appointment which is good. Mike will take him in to get his cast off in 4 weeks. It just happens to be the day before Christmas vacation and I am not allowed to use it as a vacation or sick day according to my contract.

we love the nanny - She is wonderful with him and we would love to keep her if we could afford it. But we are paying her twice what we paid the sitter. Don't get me wrong I loved the sitter too but there is a definite difference when he has one on one attention and gets to stay home to play with his toys and dog. I don't think I could afford to work to pay for a nanny - Although with another child coming it does make me wonder what would be better in the long run

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why is my house so clean?

Seriously it is a miracle. My house is clean, the laundry is done, and the dishes are in the dishwasher - what happened?

Oh wait I know - we hired a nanny - no our nanny is not cleaning for us. Apparently my husband is motivated to clean knowing someone else is coming into the house. So between the two of house all the chores are getting down in a timely manner and my house is CLEAN! Of course I should than my dad for coming over saturday and scrubbing my stove. He is the type of guy that needs a project to do so when he showed up he sat down for about 10 minutes and then found a project. I admit to being a messy chef and can never get it clean enough myself. An hour or so later the stove was sparkling.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Owen needs my constant attention, I have a grad school class that just started AND I totally forgot to read a book that I need to have read by tomorrow
yet I am here blogging -

Okay i really am getting to work now - I need to find out some information on teaching technology - hmm I think I might already do that, Hopefully this class won't be too hard. It is only 3 weeks so I will be done with the class before Owen is out of his cast

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that only mommy can handle everything. I really needed sleep this morning - Mike got to sleep in yesterday after having a late night out with friends - keep in mind I had not left the house since Wednesday since I can't take Owen anywhere. I took an exciting adventure to school to do work saturday morning. Woohoo

Well this morning I got up to go the bathroom when Owen woke up and talked loudly enough to make Mike go get him. Then I crawled or tried to crawl back into bed. Apparently Owen peed all over his cast and Mike needed my help. So now I am sitting ere in the living room with Owen and Mike has disappeared to the bedroom. I think he is getting ready for church which he does need to do because he is on sound today. Which means two thing he is going to be leaving all morning again and if I want to go to church I have to pack Owen up all by myself.

Also Owen was all smiles and giggles when Mike got him up this morning - since i wasn't really asleep but the minute I walk into the room his starts screaming momma and now I can barely make it to the kitchen without him freaking out. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day when I go back to work if he thinks the kitchen is far

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a reminder

I thought I would throw in a picture of my semi contented little man playing with his new toys that some wonderful teachers at my school gave him after his accident.

How much longer?

We are not even halfway through this ordeal yet and I am starting to lose it. All he wants is to be held and snuggle with me and it is almost impossible. Besides the fact that it is extremely hard for me to lift him given his weight and my gigantic pregnant belly. there is just no comfortable way for me to hold him and snuggling is impossible. I broke down in tears tonight just because I don't know how to comfort him or what to do. I miss my snuggles, I miss being able to pick him up and carry him without feeling like mission impossible. I desperately just want my toddler back. I waited for so long to see him walk and within a month of him finally learning he is stuck in the state of a 6 month old flat on his back or tummy.

I know I need to go back to work on Monday but as much of me that is going stir crazy being home the other part is going to go nuts being away from him. I love him so much and I can't imagine how hard this is going to be. It has only been a week and a half and I have no idea how I am going to survive this. My head hurts constantly - my back hurts - i really should have had that root canal months ago because now I even have a horrendous toothache - ugh

OK pity party over - I just need to relax in a nice hot tub

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A solution and i am very hopeful

We hired someone to care for Owen for the next 5 weeks. I am very excited and being positive. It is going to be hard to leave him but I know in the long run it is for the best.

So starting Monday I am back to being a full time working mommy. I am going back to work. I love my son and I feel guilty but i need to work in order to have a maternity leave for the new baby. Ok maybe i have convinced myself.

Nothing interesting happened today - very sad - this is why i can not stay home I need some interaction with people that say more then "NO" a million times a day.

"Do you want milk "

"Do you have a wet diaper?"


"Is your name Owen"


oh well at least every time i try to leave to room for a moment i get "MOMMA!"

new ways to entertain??

I need new ways to entertain Owen.

yesterday I think I bored him into crankiness - today's mission is to find new entertaining ways to keep him busy.

We have an interview with a girl tonight for a possible nanny situation - I really hope it works out because we really need someone to watch him starting on monday. I pray that Owen like her and we like her and she is wiling to take on the job.

On a side note the dog is constantly in the way and seems to be trying her hardest to make Mike upset. I know she only wants attention and she is getting ignored right now plus the icky wet weather doesn't help.

I got a message saying i needed to come into school and sing something - umm hello i was there for two hours yesterday - I am not taking Owen back out in this weather, I told my friend to forge my signature - seriously it doesn't matter at this point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Momma

I am now the poor crazy mom at the dr that always thinks her son has an ear infection
Fact - my son is super cranky. okay he is stuck in a body cast

fact I cleaned his ears last night during his sponge bath
fact today his ear was all crusty and looked like it was draining

So as a good mommy would i took him to the DR - no ear infections looks perfectly healthy minus the body cast


I did however make it to the DMV to get the handicap placard - which they almost wouldn't give us because there was one line not filled in by the dr. She did not write in diagnosis. Lucky for me I had brought my body casted boy with me and I think the DMV lady took pity on the pregnant lady with a child in a body cast and wrote it in herself but first she gave me attitude like she wasn't going to give it to me. Of course I did get the lecture about how the placard is in his name and we are not to use it without him present - yada yada yada - if i don't have a wheelchair to unload I am not planning on using it DUH.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One week down, only 5 left

5 weeks !! How am I going to survive another 5 weeks of this. My back hurts, my head hurts, the house is clean (er) , the laundry is done, dishes done - okay my house could be cleaner but we will see how motivated I get.

Lessons learned yesterday - he needs two naps no matter what - He was fine all morning and I finally put him down about 11:15 thinking he would sleep for about an hour have lunch and then take an afternoon nap - well I got busy doing stuff around the house and the next thing I know it is 2:30 and he has not woken up. So needless to say he took one long nap but by 6 pm he was ready to crash again. He was out by 7:30 but it made the evening super long with cranky child.

Today's mission to rotate toys so that he has something new to play with and doesn't get too bored. My mother in law and sister in law are visiting today but that is a story for another day. So now I have to entertain as well as take care of Owen.

I decided I am doing all of my holiday shopping online over the next week. Since I can not leave the house I might as well make good use of it. I usually have my shopping down by now - I have no idea what to give anyone, I am contemplating using my photoship skills to do creative photos for people. We are pretty much draining our savings at the moment due to this accident. ugh

Monday, November 10, 2008

My new life as a SAHM

Well at least for the meantime.

random thoughts of the day - PBS is driving me nuts - seriously i think I have seen all of the shows at least twice in the last week. Now keep in mind since my active 18 month old can not move we are watching LOTS of TV. I feel like a bad mom but if it makes him happy at this point I don't really care. Although when he naps CNN seems to be calling because i need adult noise for a little while

I have gotten the diaper change down to 10 minutes - well that if if he doesn't leak, What an improvements form 20 minutes.

We are still trying to get a car seat - apparently it may not be medically necessary according to the insurance company. UMMM I am not sure what planet they live on but a car seat is kinda necessary - so needless to say we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Owen is doing really well considering everything he has been through. He is such a happy kid and his vocabulary is expanding every day since he can't go and get the toy that he wants.

The dog is driving all of us nutso. Love her dearly but she is constantly in the way and underfoot.

Friday, November 7, 2008

life just got a little bit interesting

Well Owen fell down a few stairs at the sitters on Monday afternoon and has a sprial fracture in the femur bone

Owen had surgery and is in a full cast from foot to hip over to the other leg with a stability bar in between. It is called a hip spica cast. He has a wheelchair. He can not sit in a car seat and has this harness to strap him laying down in the seat - he is too big for an infant car bed.

We have to double diaper him between the cast. So basically the cast has a cut out around his boy parts, we have to put a size 2 diaper tucked into the cast and then put a size 4 diaper over the top of the cast

He will be in the cast for about 6 weeks. I am technically not supposed to lift him - he is currently 30+ pounds with his cast. I am 6 months pregnant nd with my history of preterm labor we don't know what we are exactly going to do.

So technically I am currently on a 6 week FMLA leave as of this afternoon. BUT as long as I give 2 days notice I can return to work at anytime. We are currently waiting for our hospital case worker to see if we qualify for nursing care. My dr and Owen's dr signed off on it now now we just need the insurance and our case worker to figure out if we will really qualify and what that will look like for the next several weeks.

Otherwise I have a few leads on a nanny type situation - One girl just finished student teaching in my district. So for a temporary position it may work out well.

Mike has finally admitted that it is not the best situation for having me be the sole caregiver with my history of preterm labor. He took Owen to the dr today by himself and had a hard time

We did get the forms for a handicapped placard - I have to go to the dmv tomorrow to get it. This will make things a little easier since i am preggo and have a child in a wheelchair plus it is about to be winter.

The only issue we are really having is that I can only take a combined 12 week leave between Owen and my maternity leave SO the sooner i go back to work the better