Tuesday, February 24, 2009

don't eat the diaper!

things I thought I would never have to say in my lifetime. Owen has become big boy helper to mommy during the frequent diaper changes of an infant. He places the dirty diaper in the top of the diaper champ for me. The diaper champ is in the hallway between the two boys rooms so he runs to it places it in the top and runs back into the nursery to check on the baby. Well I still have to go and flip the diaper champ so the diaper goes inside because for some reason Owen can't figure that part out. Unfortunately if I forget to flip it over Owen brings me the diaper to show me that I forgot.

Last night I forgot and got comfy on the couch to nurse Logan, the phone rang, and I was in the middle of a conversation with my younger sister. Owen came out holding the diaper proudly to show me that I had forgotten but here is where it got interesting - try to get an almost 2 year old to bring you something when they don't really want to. I am stuck on the couch mid feeding and trying to coax Owen to give me the diaper, cell phone pressed to my ear with my shoulder. My sister is laughing hysterically as I start to yell not to put the diaper in his mouth. NONO the diaper is for wearing not for eating bring mommy the diaper - yucky gross eeeeew take the diaper out of your mouth - All the while Owen is smiling at me about 5 feet away thinking this is a great game mommy lets play again.

Where are the authority figures

I drive by the high school everyday when I drop Owen off at the sitters in the morning. I find it interesting that by the time school starts and I am driving back home I always see several students walking away from the school into town. So obviously this is a problem. I am assuming these are kids that live somewhere along one of the bus routes, take the bus to school, meet up with friends, and then leave the building.

So here is what I want to know - why do we not have some sort of authority figure outside the school directing these kids back in or a police officer writing truancy tickets? We live in an area that lots of kids have to ride the bus in order to get to school. We are in suburbs but there are lots of lakes and it is a pretty big area that the high school district covers.

Before I was on maternity leave I would see these kids walking back to school just before 3pm - I am assuming to get back on the school bus to go home.

I am just wondering why the district is not more concerned about this - my kids will go to this school someday and i would like to believe if I see them get on the bus that they are at school and not doing who knows what somewhere else.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mommy I learned a new trick

So we are still adjusting to the life of being a big brother
Owen found a new trick and though it was pretty funny to make mommy mad. So right now he is screaming his head off in his room due to a time out

His new trick is to blow bubbles of spit and then 'kiss' the furniture, walls, appliances, etc. So needless to say after giving several warnings he headed to time out - How do you keep from laughing at the toddler that is doing everything he possibly can to get negative attention. I would much rather he be a good little man and spend the time snuggling and reading books with him instead of disciplining him.

He seems rather cranky today I think maybe he did not nap as he should have.

Projectile Spitup

i have a very talented infant - He can projectile spit up and completely miss himself - So there sits mommy covered in spit up trying to figure out number 1 how he missed himself and how she is supposed to be able to get up and not cover the completely clean infant in his spit up that is now covering her.

This is how our night started last night - I am pretty sure it didn't get much better after that. i think i might have gotten one four hour stretch of sleep but i am not completely sure since my brain is no longer functioning. Owen decided it was time to wake up at 6:30 and yell up and down the hallways again. I tried to get him to snuggle in bed with me and watch Elmo but he was not interested. Mike bought new sheets and I am pretty sure Owen wanted nothing to so with the satin that now is on our bed - He gave he a very weird look as he went sliding off the bed with the pillow he was trying to wrestle. Luckily we have one of those platform type beds that is only a foot off the floor. Great for your toddle to climb up and off of - not so great for a very pregnant lady to try and get out of. Glad I am not pregnant anymore.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Why is it that the toddler always calls for the parent that is not there. All week when Mike was at work when Owen woke up he called for Dadda and was mad to see me at his door. So today, Saturday while I am trying to sleep after being up all night with a newborn who does Owen call for - MOMMA!!!! - He was not so happy to see Dadda at his door.
Come on kid give up a break there are two of us and we both love you.

So he proceeds to call for me as I try to sleep down the hallway. But as soon as I get up to take care of Logan the only person he wants is BABY!

Then when I try to give Owen attention after changing and feeding Logan he starts calling for DADDA!

I can't win and I don't know why I try :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't wake the baby

Owen was very upset this morning to wake up after daddy had left for work - Mike leaves pretty early so I am ussually very happy when Owen does not wake before Mike leaves. Unfortunately that meant Owen running up and down the hallway looking for daddy. We were sitting in the living room watching Sesame Street when he decided to go look for him again. I assumed he went into out bedroom and since I am not moving so fast these days I gave him a minute or two before i went to get him.

I found him in the nursery pulling on the bumper in the crib and talking to the sleeping baby. ACK! apparently Owen does not appreciate all the work that it takes to get a newborn to sleep for an extended period of time. He was very upset when I picked him up and tried to quietly get him out of the nursery before Logan woke up. The entire time he was yelling BABY BABY BABY

I am glad he loves his little brither but DONT WAKE THE BABY!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am covered in spit up

Who came up with the myth that breastfeed babies can not over eat because I am telling you right now it is completely untrue.

Logan gorges himself then proceeds to spit it all up all over me, him, whatever piece of furniture we happen to be habitating. I am on outfit number three today and I think he is on outfit number four or five and it is only 4:30 - we still have quite a few hours left in the day,

So the question become how do you limit and not undernourished an infant? I seem to have this mastered at night because I am tired and only let me him for about ten minutes or less a side than put him back to bed and he has only been getting up about 2-3 times a night. I have been feeding on demand during the day and that obviously isn't working for either of us.

i think i need ti start keeping better track of when he is eating and start a schedule - Owen was a total schedule baby, but i didn't start that until about a month old.

i promise i did shower today and not just in spitup - so if i smell oh well

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insurance companies

seeing as I have two kids under two we decided another kid any time soon would put both of us in the loony bin. SO I talked to my dr about birth control options that would be best for me. We are not sure we are done with two kiddos but we are definitely done until they are a little older.

So we decided that an IUD was the best bet for what we are looking for. I called my insurance company to make sure it was covered since the dr told us that not all insurance companies cover it. Interestingly my insurance from school does not cover contraceptive. I am also on Mike;s insurance so I never paid attention to which insurance was paying for birth control before. Personally I think our insurance is insane since schools employ 90% women and they don't cover birth control??? Isn't paying for birth control cheaper than paying fora baby to be born, maternity leaves, etc?

so apparently I work in the dumbest district around.

The good news i that Mike' insurance covers it 100% - although someone mentioned to me that I should have also asked if they covered removal because apparently their friend had to pay for the removal of the device even though insurance paid to have it inserted - another random anomaly of insurance companies. We will pay for you to have ti put in but when it expires in 5 years you have to pay to get it out - although if you don't get it out it could cause some major complications - things that make you go hmmmmm

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

he bit me!

And no the child that bit me was not the one who was nursing,

Mike went tot he chiropractor last night and left me with the two boys for a very short period of time. I had Logan in my lap and had just finished feeding him. I was reclined in the lazyboy and Owen wanted to come visit me and baby. He was attempting to climb up onto the foot part of the chair and I was helping him up the best i could with one hand. He took a big old chomp right into my leg. He got a quick smack on his diapered caboose but I think me yelping in pain scared him more. He spent the next 15 minutes snuggling in tears with me and Logan. I am hoping this ends any biting episodes we may have.

Owen is currently playing basketball with his books. I am not so sure how long his basketball hoop it going to remain vertical as he keeps putting books in the basket - silly boy

Monday, February 16, 2009

obviously not a first time mom

There are so many stories I could tell about out memorable hospital stay. we had some great nurses and some I wonder what they were thinking.

One of our great nurses came in very apologetically after realizing she had been on shift for over 2 hours and had not been to our room yet. We were at the end of the hallway and were apparently the only non first timers on the floor. So the other first time mom had taken a majority of her time up. She asked what we needed. I wanted a motrin and a stool softener. To which she laughed and replied that I was definitely not a first time mom because no one ever asked for that the first time around.

Oh well - I guess the second time around you know what you need and aren't afraid to ask for it - I felt much better after my stool softener kicked in. We were also more than happy to not see the nurses every hour . It paid off to be at the quiet room at the end of the hallway with all first time moms on the floor. Mike and I enjoyed the quiet without a toddler as much as possible before coming home to realize that yes we are now the parents of two.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome Logan!!

I went to my 37 week appointment and found out I was 3 cm dilated and it could be anytime. I had been having contractions on and off for a few days so I was ready to hear there had been progress.

That evening I had a prenatal massage and was having contractions every 6 minutes. Exhuasted we went to bed. I did not sleep well and woke up about 1:30 to use the bathroom. I climbed back in bed and slept until about 2:15 when I decided to get up and start timing my contractions. They were still not consistent but strong and hard. Much different than my last pregnancy. I thought that I really just needed to use the restroom and kept going to try to poop. Little did I know I was really taking a page from Janel’s book and using the toilet as a birthing stool. I also didn’t realize that what I was feeling was the urge to push.

I woke up Mike around 3 and told him we weren’t in a hurry but we needed to get ready to head to the hospital. I took a shower/ Mike took a shower and we left the house at 4am, We dropped Owen off at the sitter and by the time we got on the road I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes. It took us about 35 minutes to get to the hospital – Mike was driving 95 most of the way because the contractions were coming harder and faster. By the time we got to the hospital I was having constant contractions, one on top of another.

I scared the ER register – I almost had the baby in the ER waiting for the OB nurse. We got to the hospital at 4:55 – I got into L& D at 5am. They checked me and I was at 9 almost complete. I was told to scoot down a little as they were trying to set the room – My water broke at 5:03 and I instantly felt the urge to push. The nurses tried to calm me down as they got an IV started and called the on call dr.

As soon as the dr came in I started pushing. I did about 3 big pushes and Logan was born at 5:16.

My dr walked in about 10 minutes after he was born. I think I got one small stitch – but not real sure – I feel great and was up and about within a half hour of his birth.

He is nursing great, His face is a little bruised from the rapid decent down the birth canal and he has similar spitting up issues as a c-sec baby because he didn’t have time to get the fluid out of his lungs.

Owen loves 'his baby' and we are all doing well

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess where Elmo is??

Apparently Elmo and Cookie monster belong in the ktichen cabinets wedged between cereal and rice. They both gave me a surprise greeting last night when I went to put some food away. Of course that also means that the pancake mix belong in the living room next to the TV.

I am still baking baby and thoroughly uncomfortable - come anytime now little boy

One of my students asked me yesterday what happens if the baby never comes - NEVER? yikes that is a scary prospect. I re-assured her and myself that the dr will eventually make the baby come.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beware the baby sock

yes beware the baby sock you have read right - my washer started smoking yesterday when I had about 20 loads to do, I got through one before it stopped working and started smoking. My dad can down today to fix it. Mike and him took the entire thing apart to get to the source of the problem a slightly burned baby sock that apparently got sucked into the pump. Needless to say baby socks are dangerous to my washer. Never thought about it before. I guess i should start putting them in one of those netted bags.

My dad thinks it got in between the two steel baskets when I was pulling the clothes out since my belly is so big right now I probably didn't notice it getting wedged in at the top of the basket.

Oh well I guess lesson learned - although it did happen to our babysitter a week ago so I guess I should have learned that one already.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9 months in

So I am now 9 months into this pregnancy and a few students are still just figuring out that I am pregnant - within the last two days two students have asked their teachers if I am pregnant - after snickers and laughter from the other students I hope they figured out that yes the lady with the big belly is indeed pregnant. i thought they taught that stuff in health class - apparently these kids were absent that day

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still here and still pregnant

I can barely believe it - I have made it to 36 weeks - no more preemies for me - I am going to pack up all the preemie clothing now - I have to go to Babies r us and return the preemie outfit i bought - don't worry i bought a newborn outfit the same day.

I took my life in my own hands today and cut my bangs myself - my hairdresser is on maternity leave and I really needed to have my bangs trimmed before my baby comes - i think they look okay and knowing how fast they grow I am sure it won't be too bad to fix after she comes back . i can see again which is the important thing. We will see what my students say tomorrow - because they have a talent of being brutally honest