Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not the carseat!

So Logan was not sleeping real well at 5:30 am and I was definitely not ready to get out of bed for the day. We have the snap n swing where the car seat snaps into the swing - normally an awesome feature that i love. So I put Logan in the carseat and set him to swing where he sleeps for another 3hours. When he wakes up I realize that not only is he totally soaked so is the car seat. UGH

So I scream down to Mike to help me. I strip down Logan who is covered in pee and poop. Strip down the car seat, bathe Logan, throw the seat cover and straps into the wash. Of course all of these pieces can be washed but they all require to be air dried - no chance in having the sun soak up the wetness since it is supposed to snow today.

To make things even better we are supposed to go to a birthday party this afternoon and Owen is sick. He started hacking up a lung last night and it is worse today. Plus now he is also dripping snot everywhere. So I was planning on going with just Logan since the mom is one of my BFF's and we rarely get to see them because we moved away from where they live. Plus she called me yesterday upset because lots of people called to say they weren't coming because of the snow - LET me add that it has not even started to snow yet - I still see grass outside and clear skies.

So I currently do not have an infant carseat, i have a convertible that i need to resize and install before i can go anywhere

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not sure where he found that

Since Owen split open his forhead we have been trying to make sure it doesn't scar. It is healing nicely and we have been putting miderma on it three times a day. He is getting used to the routine and gets mad when I forget or haven't done it yet.

This morning I got him dressed and said okay we need to go put the miderma on your head, but just as I said that Logan started crying and needed to eat. So i changed Logan's diaper and headed to my comfy chair. Owen was apparently trying to help out mommy get everything done before we needed to head out the door. So he went into the bathroom and reappeared with a tube very similar in shape to the miderma tube but unfortunately it was preparation H. He got really mad at me when i refused to put it on his forhead so I had to hide it under the baby blanket that was on my lap when he wasn't looking.

The miderma was in the drawer at his level were it always is so I am not sure where or why he grabbed the preparation H from. Oh well - I was a little tempted to put some preparation H on his head just so he would stop screaming but that wouldn't have been very nice of me

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Words words words

Owen has quite the vocabulary - He can say lots of words, string words together and actually makes sense
BUT he refuses to say his own name or his brothers name

When you ask him to say Owen he points to himself and says Ut OH
when you ask him to say Logan - he gets real quite and says BABY
you can give him almost any fruit and he will tell you it is an apple

yesterday he even started saying walmart - well at least he knows were to shop

Thursday, March 19, 2009

to buy sell or stay

I know it is a horrible time to sell a house - we love our house don't get me wrong but we found our dream house - of course the location is only great for us not for most people so it is going into foreclosure - It is RIGHT by the train station but since Mike commutes by train it kinda makes sense for us. It is gorgeous. three finished levels, bigger rooms, fireplace. I would totally miss my hot tub - boo - but it is a really nice house - although i wonder if I would be able to sleep through the trains - I have lived by trains before in my life and it is not like we are that far now but this is by a train station and not just any station - the station that is the end of the line and the train yard - luckily the train yard is in the opposite direction of where the house is.

So we are debating putting our house on the market - although if we don't get this house then i don't really want to move but we can't put and offer in until we have an offer on ours and guaranteed funds - it is a huge gamble - after all we could end up selling our current home and regretting it.

We need the equity in our current home in order to afford the new one - otherwise i would think about renting ours and buying the new one

No longer sure what to do but excited about a new adventure

Friday, March 13, 2009

Really that was too hard?? really?

So i got a new glider for the nursery since the other one is horribly uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. I LOVE MY NEW GLIDER - I have actually fallen asleep in it. but that is besides the point
the point is the old glider.

it needs to go - we decided to donate it to our church nursery since the ones there shouldn't even be sat in with how bad of shape they are in - seriously the seats are falling through them. So last weekend we loaded up the back fo the explorer and Mike was supposed to take them to church. He had to work the sound booth at church sunday mornign so a great time to take them and unload them when the church wasn't totally packed. Well apparently that was too difficult. It was raining - but he could have pulled right up to the building to unload them. Of course he also did not take in the two casserole dishes that belong to another church member who brought us a meal after Logan was born. I am pretty sure the dishes wouldn't have gotten damaged from the rain

I tried not to get annoyed because he said he would do it on Monday night - well Owen got hurt Monday night so we did not end up heading over to the church.

So that brings me to today - When he asks me if I would like to take his car today so I can unload it at church - really - hmmm- you want me to do that with two kids under 2 ?? I wanted to smack him. so here is why we need the car unloaded ASAP. I have to take my sister and her boy to the airport at 5am tomorrow. Then I have a baby shower to go to and I promised to help bring the gifts back to her house with my large vehicle.

I am a little annoyed right now - because he couldn't handle one thing that I had been asking him to do for a month

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

quick call 911

On our way home from the hospital Mike tried to stop at McD's and buy ice cream he promised to Owen for being a brave little lion in the hospital. They were out of ice cream - boo!!! Mike was a little upset that McD's made a liar out of him since we now had no ice cream.
Don't worry Owen got his ice cream the next night

But it reminded me of a news story from a few days ago where the lady called 911 not once but 3 times after McD's was out of chicken nuggets - seriously what is this world coming to if people are calling 911 when a fast food restaurant is out of something.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My accident prone son

Owen is very accident prone. Last night I went outside to put the infant car seat base in Mike's car, we have just been using my car but we had some things that needed to go over to church and we needed his bigger vehicle to do it.

As I am coming back in the house i see Owen at the top of the stairs running and falling straight into the corner of the wall next to the fridge. I run upstairs as Mike is trying to get to him too - But Mike is holding logan and can't quite get him. Owen is crying pretty hard and he has a pretty bad gash above his left eye all the way up his forehead.

We run around really quickly trying to grab thing we need and rush off to the emergency room - which by the way is incredibly far when we have an injured child . We both decided if we ever move again it is going to be closer to a hospital.

So after a wait with a 3 weeks old and a crying toddler whose head is bleeding - where I am thinking PLEASE get us out of this waiting room where 90% of the people are sick with the flu. Like I need my 3 week old to be around those germs.

They call us back and of course they put us in the same room we were in when he broke his femur - oh the memories. He was very good and only screamed after they strapped him to the papoose and actually started working on his head. They numbed his forehead and then glued it back together. SO yeah for no stitches. I really really hope it doesn't scar because it is going to be one ugly scar

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the real purpose of crib bumpers

I have decided after the past several weeks with our new baby that the true purpose for crib bumpers has nothing to do with the safety between the bars factor. No the real purpose for the crib bumper is to keep the spit up in the crib when the baby projectile spits up all over the crib - Although this morning some did manage to get on the carpeting too. But the amount that would have been all over the room was drastically diminished by the bumper. Of course i have washed the bumper more times since Logan came home from the hospital than I did in the first year of Owen's life.

Of course in the process of getting the sheets off and putting the new ones back on I had to take the mattress out of the crib. In n attempt to put the mattress in the crib I almost took the ceiling fan out . It did make a very loud noise when I hit it. Then I went to clean up the carpeting. I got out the resolve and a roll of paper towels. I left them there and finished getting ready for church. When I went to change Logan diaper my big boy helper followed me and got very angry when I wouldn't let him play with the Resolve.

Owen "Mine MIne Mine Mine"
Me " No dangerous, yucky, eeeewwww"
Owen "MINE" proceeds to cry at the top of his lungs

Me" want to help me change the baby"
Owen - back to normal "yes"

oh well at least he is easily distracted

Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's Play..

where is mommy's hairbrush today?
For some reason my little man likes to take and hide my hairbrush - I can never find it.
yesterday it was with the cd's in the living room, the day before in the diaper basket in his room, today I have no idea where it is. The house is clean but the hairbrush is still hiding - Good thing I have a back up hairbrush that was hidden from him. I will have to find my hairbrush somewhere

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We took Owen and Logan to the train station this evening to visit Mike's friends that he rides the train with. Mike and Owen stood on the platform as the train pulled in. I don't think a toddler has ever been more excited than my son seeing the choo choo that up close and personal. Mike said he was shaking from the excitement. When the train went night night and left he was very upset though - of course only until we got to McDonald's and then the world was good again

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PB&J minus the PB and bread

I gave Owen a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner last night since we were in a hurry to eat. so I put a bib on him and give him the sandwich cut into four. I go about making dinner for the rest of us and cleaning up the kitchen. As I look over to him he is covered in peanut butter. He has peeling the bread apart and is busy licking the jelly off of each sandwich.

The funny part is that I NEVER buy jelly because neither Mike nor I like jelly - we just eat peanut butter. But Owen's sitter said that he really like the pb&j sandwich when she made it for him a few weeks ago. So Owen likes jelly but not the bread or peanut butter - not sure how to feed a child just jelly. silly boy

Then he hid the rest of the sandwich pieces next to him in the highchair - apparently mommy will never find them there. At least he didn't feed them to the dog this time. The highchair got a good scrub down along with Owen