Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sears portraits makes me mad

So Mike can't get over the fact that we have a membership to Sears - Okay it is the sears portrait club thing where you get one free 8x10 each visit as well as BOGO on weekdays - I always go on weekdays. Today was the first time i took both boys

1. they were not ready for me at my appointment time
2. i had a cranky 2 yr old for some unknown reason
after I selected all the posed - not great ones at that due to the cranky 2 yr old
they sent it over to the register - I needed to renew my membership so I gave her the coupon for that - then she tells me I can't get my BOGO or free 8x10 because i was renewing that day - COLOR me not happy

i was not planning on spending that much - she tells me it is too late to cancel because the order is already sent - COLOR me extremely not happy

i almost walked away and I really think I should have

so I payed way too much for pics that aren't that great

I think I will try JC penny next time

what is a date?

We went on a date last night! I had forgotten what a real date was like - no kids just good food and two adults.

Of course it wasn't a planned date. We were supposed to have a softball game. It isn't quite warm enough yet to bring Logan so we had hired a sitter. The game was called because of weather but we already had a sitter lined up - and we all know how much i suck at remembering to hire sitters so I wasn't about to miss out on an opportunity to go out.

It was nice and we will do it again - very soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take your child to work day

I hate this day with a passion. Luckily I am not teaching today due to a very nice maternity leave.

I love the idea of it but why oh why does it have to be during the school year.

School loose thousands of dollars of funding for this day - Finding is based on attendance and when half the school isn't there that adds up to a lot of money.

Teacher loose an entire day of teaching because you can't cover new material when half the class is gone. You usually cn't get your low kids caught up either because those are always the kids that are gone.

Apparently it is so the kids can use what they learned back in the classroom the next day - but come on like we have time as teachers to fit more into our already cramped curriculum, plus what about the kids that didn't get to go with their parents - oh well you can't participate in today's lesson either

I have a fantastic idea let's do it the day before school starts - the first day of school is always a waste anyway - now you would have something specific to talk about

Sunday, April 19, 2009

breakfast with a toddler

I awoke this morning to Mike making breakfast for Owen. As I stumble my way into the kitchen I see him making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mike tells me that is what he wanted. hmmm - he must have learned some new words overnight that i was not aware of to ask for pb&j. Now keep in mind this is the child that usually licks off the jelly and doesn't eat anything else. Mike went to go get ready for church and I am sitting here while Owen is actually eating the pb&j. Little did i know the secret was to serve it for breakfast instead of lunch

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh my

I have an interview tomorrow - for an awesome job that I WANT SO BAD. not because i don't love my job and not because i feel that i need a new job but because of what it would mean for my family.

It would force us to move closer to the city which in turn would completely change our lives. My husbands 3+ hour commute each day would be less than a hour. This would mean that we would only need one car -that means selling the other car. It means my kids would have their dad home by 4:15 and he wouldn't leave in the morning until 7 This would give him over 10 hours back a week.

Of course we would be leaving our church, friends, and the home that we love with the huge yard in exchange for a smaller home with a bigger mortgage. But i think it would all be worth it - of course except for the part were we would have to find a new babysitter

Also it is a pretty cool job

Sunday, April 5, 2009

way too early

I was busy feeding Logan at 4 something this morning when all the fire alarms went off - mike reset them twice and they kept going so we packed the kids in the car and called the non emergency fire number

they came out and checked everything but could not find why the alarms are going off - they did say there had been some power surges in the neighborhood the last couple of days and that could have caused it. So now at 4:50am we came back into the hose - Owen has decided it is morning and is going to be crabtastic today. Hopefully i can convince him naps are a good thing. I need a nap desperately.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still sick here

We are all sick and having no fun during what was supposed to be our fun spring break week.

The only good thing is that because I am not taking Owen to the sitters this week is I haven't had to get dressed or leave the house

Although I am trying to figure out how to get a nice hot shower in with a 2 yr old and an infant - With an infant it is easy but the 2 year old is the problem plus i can't leave the baby in the pack n play because Owen will climb into the pack n play with him or worse. I have to keep an eye on Owen when Logan is in the pack n play. Owen likes to climb up on the couch and peer into it.

oh well i guess i will have to wait for afternoon nap time