Thursday, December 30, 2010


We have an OFFER!

not a very good offer but an offer none the less. We are negotiating and hopefully we can walk away without have to pay a great deal of money at closing.

This is hard - extremely hard. We have a great house and could easily have it paid off in less than 15 years. We could stay here but we want more for the family. We want the kids to be close to good schools, close to our work, and not have to commute with us.

We are selling our house for less than we paid for it and we have put in a great deal of money, time, and love into this home.

How much is it worth to get us closer to work and the kids more time with their parents?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am not patient

We may (fingers crossed) have an offer on our house. Of course we were told they were going to write an offer over a week ago but needed to get their pre-approval letter in first. So in this market who goes house shopping without a pre-approval letter. They saw the house for the first time the day after Thanksgiving. They saw it the second time the week before Christmas. SO what have we learned in the last month - apparently nothing.

It is all a waiting game and I am stuck in the middle of it.

I am ready to be done with this commute. I am ready to find a new house. I am ready to start packing and thinking about moving.

Owen is currently sleeping in front of his brothers room. We have found him sleeping in various areas throughout the house in the past couple of days. He misses his routine being off for break but hopefully with get back into the swing of things next week when school starts again. I am enjoying my time off with the little ones but the house looks like a tornado hit it. My new years resolution is to blog more.

I really don't care if people are reading but it is a way for me to express myself and take a few moment to myself.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new year

Sunday, September 26, 2010

so long no post

I LOVE my new job. absolutely LOVE it

BUT we haven't sold the house - not even having people come see it. very annoying. If the government would do another 8k buyers credit we would sell immediately but there are no buyers in our area right now. The only hope we have is based on nothing that we can control.

the boys like their school and we have been quite happy other than the ridiculously long commute.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The new daycare situation

So the boys are going to a Baptist daycare/ kindergarten academy

they have never been to daycare before

We go to a Baptist Church so I was excited to find out about this place through another teacher in my building. BUT this church is WAY more conservative than our current church

There is a a dress code for K3 - no t-shirts with any writing or logos, or characters. hmmmm - I am having a hard time explaining to Owen that he can't wear Thomas shirts to school. We have been laying out his clothes the night before so that he doesn't even see other clothes.

The older kids are not even allowed to wear shorts or tennis shoes aka soccer shoes. thank goodness that doesn't apply to Owen or we may have to find other care.

The good news is that the teachers are very loving and pray for the students by name. I do like that part, but I am a teacher so I am in a weird place. I am fairly liberal but also very much a Christian. Not sure why the two seem to have to contradict each other. I am searching for a church that believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior but doesn't persecute people based on things that they can't control. I like Obama and think he is doing some great things, I think people who love the same sex should be allowed to love each other and given the same legal rights, I really don't care what you call it. Abortion I think is a private matter that the person will have to live with for the rest of their live either way so what business it is of mine to decide. i believe that little boys should look like their fathers and circumcision should be based on what daddy looks like.

WOW I am on a political rant tonight - that is what a half bottle of wine does - oh yeah I believe in drinking - don't tell the Baptist Church

Well I guess this is my blog and I can say whatever I want because that is why it is here :)

School starts in 6 days

Friday, August 27, 2010

and so it begins

the commute to the best job ever to the longest house sale in history - okay not really it has only been 3 month but the last time i sold a house I had a full price offer in 8 hours. I know the market sucks blah blah blah blah blah.

So today was the test drive - up at 5, kids up by 5:40 - breakfast for family. Mike out door by 6, car loaded and pulling out of driveway by 6:15 - not bad except I forgot to put gas int he car - oh well we did good and the kids nor i actually had to be anywhere today - We did the drive and found the quickest way to daycare and then on to my school.

I got quite a few stares walking into a school with a baby gate. Don't worry for students are safe it was only for my children. I am the new teacher so i didn't want to come off as anti social. I baby gated my kids into my classroom while I worked and it actually worked really well minus the time that Owen knocked it over and went tumbling into the hallway.

We went for an extra special treat for lunch by going to the choo choo restaurant for lunch since the boys had to spend most of the last day of summer in my classroom. We did go out to the playground a few times

We survivied and the real commute begins next week
Wish us luck or a super fast sale on the house

Saturday, August 21, 2010

cleaning cleaning cleaning

so i got in my full out clean the house mode yesterday - not that the house was dirty because it has been on the market for 2 months but it could use some deep cleaning. i did all the floors and windows, scrubbed the kitchen table and counters. Looks much better i think - of course dear hubby didn't even notice.

we have a showing this weekend, really hoping this is the one. i really want to move - my life is going to be very incomplete until we move. everything is at a stand still until we move and that has a lot to do with the freak out.

But here is my thinking - the mortgage guy called yesterday and we r preapproved and ready to make an offer once we have an offer, the moving truck company called to give us a quote, and we have a showing all in one day - it must be a sign.

please someone come buy my beautiful house

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Welcome to my full on freak out mode. Owen asked me this morning where his nanny and her son were. Okay they haven't been here for a few weeks and not everyday since summer started. He decided that summer is over and I needed to go to work and that she should be here. I love her and am so so so so so so sad that our move is forcing us to put the kids in daycare - ack daycare I am putting my kids in daycare.

I have nothing really against daycare as a whole it is extremely necessary for a majority of the people I know. My kids have never been to daycare - they had in home care and then our absolutely fabulous nanny that was in our budget (I remind you I am a teacher and we do not bring home 3 figures).

So here is my minor issue with putting them into daycare. My boys love each other, they are best friends, they are only 21 months apart. By putting them into daycare I am not only separating them from us but also from each other. I don't think they have been apart for more than an hour or two in the 18 months since we brought Logan home.

Maybe it will only be for a year - once we move and are not an hour away from everything then maybe I can find an in home nanny again. but today i cry because my son misses his nanny and her son and because I am still not sure that I made the right decision. If I hadn't decided to take this job she would be here right now playing trains with him.

I should mention that I have known our nanny since she was 7 and I was 9 - we grew up together, lost contact after HS and eventually moved to the same area. She has been a wonderful second mother to our sons.

maybe i just need school to start so that i can occupy my mind and not think about all of it

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What did I do???

That is surely the question I am asking myself today - School starts today for my old district. the district i had worked in for 8 years, had a tenured position, enjoyed my job, and loved the people I worked with. I am not on my way to work today. I made the incredibly brave or stupid decision to take a new exciting job that is over an hour away from my new house. I feel like God led me to this new job and that I had to take it or I would always regret it. I sit here today wondering why did I do this to myself? We haven't been able to sell the house, we can't even get people to come see the house for that matter.

So very soon I start the hour drive tot he new job. Thats not all though. I get to do it with two toddlers in tow because i was so confident that we would sell the house and move that I enrolled them in daycare down at the new location.

this is going to be a very long school year

Thursday, June 24, 2010

vbs week

i have been crazy busy with vbs - there is so much to do this week and not enough time - luckily we have no plans after vbs this afternoon - I might take a nap

We went and visited my new school yesterday - I have a great classroom with windows!!! After being in the computer lab for several years I am super excited about windows.

Owen had fun 'helping' - he randomly started moving the book piles from one desk to another one book at a time - he wasn't in the way and thought he was helping so all is good.

Logan on the other hand - well lets just say he is amusing but wears me out.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

life is about to change

So we are moving - I accepted a new teaching position in a new area

we are packing boxes, having a garage sale, and getting rid of things

Wow I am terrfied and excited! a new job, a new house, a new life

i should mention that dear hubby will get 10 hours of his life back a week! His commute is being cut by over 2 hours a day!

Looking forward to life without commutes

Now on to sell our house so we can start this new amazing life

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lets see how this goes

so well we were out shopping for a new cabinet Owen discovered some bunk beds. Then we made the misfortune of telling him that his bed was kinda like a bunk bed if it was flipped over.

The kids has a mind like a steel trap - today he starts asking me to flip his bed over. I am a push over so of course i did in all my infinite wisdom, thinking tha this tent will fit under it and there will be more room etc. What i didn't take into account was the 1 yr old trying to climb up on it. It is a ladder - how can my 1 yr old climb a ladder. I was surprised Owen could climb the ladder

ack my summer is going to be long and stressful if this 1yr doesn't stop getting into EVERYTHING

10 schools day left - who is counting with me

Saturday, May 22, 2010

off to find a new china cabinet

I can home the other day to find most of the contents of the china cabinet being safely moved to the middle of the dining room table with the play yard around it. We have been using our old entertainment center to hold china - not that greatest solution but it worked for a little bit - that was until the terrorist starting pulling things off the shelves. we really need a buffet were the drawers and door are closed.

I did very little child proofing with Owen and am learning my lesson with Logan - They are giving me a run for my money

Thursday, May 20, 2010

queasy mommy tummy tea

Okay so I just gave my hubby the queasy mommy tummy tea. He has inherited the flu from Owen and I. He wanted the ginger tea but we are all out - I haven't bought any real tea since getting my awesome Keurig machine but i do have a stock pile left of what we haven't used up. So obviously I have the mommy tummy tea left since I am no longer pregnant nor plan to be any time in the near future.

I figured it is close enough to what he is looking for - something to settle his stomach before he starts heaving again. Hope he doesn't grow boobs - hehehe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sick sick sick

I got the lovely flu last night
Owen got it in the middle of the night
10 loads of laundry later i think we have turned the corner

Logan already had it so that just leaves my husband who took care of us all day

my head still hurts but at least i have been able to keep some food down. Owen is currently playing with Thomas so I think he is feeling better.

Luckily our nanny came and "rescued" Logan from the sick house and took him back to her house for almost the entire day. He obviously had way more fun than we did played outside most of the day and came home after a long nap.

How am I going to keep up with the awesome things our nanny does with our kids when I am home with them all summer. I am a little paranoid that they wont have as much fun with mommy as they do with her
irrational?? maybe

Monday, May 17, 2010

What do you do....?

So i ended up taking a road tripto my parents alone with two kids in tow. I got halfway there and realized I realy realy had to pee. hmmm - little terrorist was sleeping and the big boy was happily siging in his carseat. great... if i didn't hav eto pee i could make it to my parents with two happy little boys.

So McD's here I come instead. I wake little terror up, get them both out of seats, - of course as I am trying to get them out I get the evil look from some lady trying to pull into the parking spot next to me. There are at least 15 open spaces but fine take the one where my car door is open it's fine, i will hurry a little faster. We rush into the mcd's and get into the restroom - handicap stall is already in use. All that is left is the little tiny, knees almost touching the door stall. So Owen, logan, and I squeeze into the stall so I can pee. Owen of course doesn't need to go -- that is of course until we sit down with all our food to eat. Now what? I can very well leave Logan in the dinig room and take Owen. So i ask him to wait hoping that it isn't the cause for new underwear. After we clean up and are ready to head to the bathroom he decides that he really doesn't have to go anyway. joy!

We made it to the party and only had a few small incidents there - like Logan (aka little terror) playing in the toliet.

i survuved but next time i may need a few extra glasses of wine

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May I have a treat?

The question of the day - May I have a treat after dinner?

Yesterday Owen threw a fit when we were leaving the chiropractor last night. He threw a fight when leaving preschool. He was having a rough day and told me so himself. So we told him no treats that night since he was not using his good listening ears.

So today he has been asking all day if he gets a treat tonight - At least I think he understands why he couldn't have one yesterday.

So hopefully there is a treat in the horizon tonight because otherwise i might need a stiff drink. to take a time out of my own.

We found a solution for the ever climbing 1 yr old. Our nanny ingeniously put the play yard around the dining room table. No more baby on top of the table! Why didn't i think of that??

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the joys of a 3yr old

so we never had the terrible 2's really but today now that he is three was terrible.

When i picked him up from preschool he screamed and kicked and threw a fit when it was time to leave. He hit me and kicked me as I lovingly held him tightly to my body and carries him to the car while he screamed goo goo ga ga at the top of his lungs. I reminded him to use his words and finally as I got him into the car seat he screamed I want DADDDY!

okay little man I know how this goes - you are mad at me for making you leave so you want daddy, that is how the story goes when you don't get your way.

we get home and he wants the nanny, she wishes me luck and runs away. Not that i can blame her i want to run away too. Luckily Logan has just gone down for a nap and I try to convince Owen he needs a rest. I ask if he needs to use the potty - of course not because he just wants to go back to preschool. I put him in his room and he promptly pees all over. So we take a bath and clean up - he is currently snuggling in the recliner with his blankets and stuffed Thomas.

it is going to be a long night unless he falls asleep - wish me luck

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

acch finally

i am really bad at this blogging thing
I promise to get better

the little terrorist - other wise known as Logan is a CLIMBER - how do i keep him off my kitchen table and chairs? HELP

Owen was not a climber and i have no idea how to stop this behavior.

Owen is three and he is super excited about all his new toys - I am thinking about all his old toys and how a garage sale sounds great

Softball season has started so of course my loving husband has already injured himself. This year it is his hip - he thinks he is old or something. He needs to stay in somewhat of playable shape because we no longer has a back up first baseman.

other than that life is good

school countdown has started and i hope to write more this summer

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first day


When did he get so old. I swear he was just born - I know I still have enough of the baby weight to think that.

He did pee all over the place and have to get new pants - which he promptly told me he didn't like when we got home.

He ran to his room when we got home and returned pants-less and no undies!

Definitely not a shy one he is

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The zoo in the middle of winter

Big O is fully potty trained and ready for anything life throws at him - even if he does get overly excited when places have little potties. And at the moment doesn't think it is past his bedtime. Yesterday we ventured our way to the zoo and had a great time. We have memberships to two different zoo. I know you are thinking umm why???
Because we actually go places when we have membership because we aren't thinking about how much it costs. Weird right? We have been to the zoo at least 20 times in the last 12 months. Sometimes only for an hour or two sometimes for a while day. But when the kids are being cranky and we need to leave after an hour we don't get mad or feel guilty because in our minds it didn't cost us anything to get in. After going 20 times in a year I guess the cost is minimal for those trips. By goal this year is go at least once a week during summer break. We love going in the winter & spring when a majority of the world isn't thinking Let go visit the zoo. Yesterday was winter and it was perfect zoo weather.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

life with a toddler

is never dull

really it isn't. I am ammused on a daily basis on the things he says and does. Last night Big O was having a hard time falling asleep so he ended up snuggled with us watching the olympics. I was telling my hubby a story about somehting that happened and instead of relaying the things that were inappropriate for little ears I said expletives. Now our two year old is going around saying expletives, expletives, expletives. oh well better than an actual swear I guess

Friday, February 19, 2010

tree pose

So hubby and I decided to try some yoga to help our backs. We popped in yoga for dummies after the kids bedtime and started into the poses. We were standing in tree pose - one leg perched on teh other with hand up to the sky when we heard little feet on the stairs. I looked over after a few second to see Big O standing in Tree Pose at the bottom of the stairs. I fell over laughing so hard as he stood there still in tree pose asking "What we doing mommy?"

2yr year old trying to do yoga hilarious but maybe it will help his coordination

Thursday, February 18, 2010

why is the 1 yr old crying??

someone tell me because I have no idea. He climbs onto my lap to snuggle and he is all smiles then he climbs down on his own and stands wailing to which he climbs back up and is fine but then he decides he wants down and starts to wail and the process repeats itself over and over and over. Little L you are cute and I love you

BUt in other news Big O came home today and had the nanny take off his shoes. He tooks his shoes to his room and came back out with slippers on. too cute - must have been extra cuteness so I wouldn't get mad when he threw a temper tantrum about where he wanted to play 10 minutes later

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the love bugs

I have tow little love bugs that are smiley happy kids. One that breaks legs every year but the other one will probably never break a bone but scare me every second along the way.

Physically my little man has recovered from his break but I am not sure I will ever emotionally recover from all we went through in the last year or so. I wish we could go back to Nov 08 and start from there over again with or without a body cast there are things that would have changed.

There is snow here and lots of it - was hoping for a snow day today but no luck.

Two walking boys that is where I am, chasing the boys and loving them.

Loving that they can both walk, stand move, no casts, no wheelchairs, no wagons, just them on their own walking.

It was a bit weird when my almost 3 yr old and my 1 yr old were learning to walk at the same time, but it was amazing.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been awhile

What can I say it has been awhile.

Owen broke his tibia at the beginning of December and such began our life in casts AGAIN. I love that little boy but he is so accident prone. He was going to take a nap and the next thing I hear is a thud and scream. He was standing in his bed and he fell, his foot got caught between the mattress and frame and the rest is history.

He got his cast off on Friday and now he are learning to walk again - I feel like we were doing this a year ago - wait we were. Expect this time we have two kids learning to walk. Right now Logan at 11 months is winning the walking battle taking several steps at a time while Owen is standing and hesitating taking one mini step forward.

Life continues to evolve, I will keep in touch